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Bundesliga Picks, Predictions & Betting Tips

Our 007soccerpicks team created a section of German Bundesliga. Here you will find only soccer predictions for German Bundesliga. Our team specialised in German soccer and carefully monitored the evolution and stats of German soccer championships. Our betting tips are available whenever rounds are scheduled. We also provide special previews for each Bundesliga soccer matches including stats and useful information for each event.

  • Hertha Berlin vs Darmstadt BETTING TIPS / 21.12.2016 Hertha-Berlin-Darmstadt-betting-tips-1

    Betting tips for Hertha Berlin vs Darmstadt

    Hertha was 4th in the table. They played 15 games and won 27 points with goal difference 22:16. In the past three rounds Hertha has enrolled three points. They won 2-3 against Wolfsburg, then lost 0-1 against Werder Bremen and 2-0 at home near Leipzig. At home Hertha has a ratio of 6-0-1 and a goal difference of 13: 4th Darmstadt is ranked 18th. They have 8 points and goal difference 11:28. In the past three games suffered three defeats. They lost 0-2 against HSV, then lost 1-0 at Freiburg and the 0-1 defeat against Bayern Munich. On the road Darmstadt has a ratio of 0-0-7 and goal difference 4:18.
    © Russel
  • Hertha Berlin – Darmstadt PREDICTION & PREVIEW (21.12.2016) Hertha-Berlin-Darmstadt-prediction-preview

    Prediction for Hertha Berlin - Darmstadt

    Bundesliga match between Hertha and Darmstadt.Foreword: Hertha's Victory.I did not expect a share of 1.60 in this match, I thought it would stay between 1.30 and 1.40. (Interwetten eye has it to 1.45)Hertha: Fourth in the Bundesliga with a great season. He has 8 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses in the season) 27 points. As local: 6 wins and one defeat (against Bremen (surprise of the day)). In 7 games they only have 4 goals scored as home, scoring 13. He has 2 consecutive defeats and the perfect match to cure his ills.Hertha matches at home:10.12.16 BUN Hertha Werder Bremen 0: 1 27.11.16 BUN Hertha Mainz 2: 1 04.11.16 BUN Hertha Mönchengladbach 3: 0 22.10.16 BUN Hertha Cologne 2: 1 01.10.16 BUN Hertha Hamburg 2: 0 18.09.16 BUN Hertha Schalke 2: 0 28.08.16 BUN Hertha Freiburg 2: 1Drarmstadt: Last classified of bundesliga. First candidate for the descent, to be played with Ingolstadt and Hamburg. He has 2 wins 2 draws and 10 losses. As a visitor leads 0 wins and 7 losses, only scoring 4 goals in 7 games and fitting 18.Parties of the Darmstadt outside:10.12.16 BUN Freiburg Darmstadt 1: 0 27.11.16 BUN Schalke Darmstadt 3: 1 05.11.16 BUN Bayer Leverkusen Darmstadt 3: 2 26.10.16 POK Walldorf Darmstadt 1: 0 16.10.16 BUN Mainz Darmstadt 2: 1 24.09.16 BUN Augsburg Darmstadt 1: 0 17.09.16 BUN Dortmund Darmstadt 6: 0Stake: 2PD.- Good party to put some HA to hertha and raise quota, or for combined.Luck.
    © Andrey
  • Eintracht Frankfurt – 1. FSV Mainz 05 PREDICTION & PREVIEW (20.12.2016) Eintracht-Frankfurt-1.-FSV-Mainz-05-prediction-preview

    Prediction for Eintracht Frankfurt - 1. FSV Mainz 05

    I think the visit will not win this match since so far in the league only defeated weak teams, their only victories were before: Hamburg, Darmstadt, Ingolstadt, Werder Bremen (these are 4 of the last 5 teams located in the bottom Of the table that fight to maintain the category), also it gained to Augsburgo and Freiburg that they are not exceling in the league and prowls the average table.On the other hand we have Frankfurt who in the Bundesliga received many of the heavyweights of the tournament and so far remains unbeaten in the local, Let's review: tied with Hoffenheim (the 3rd of the table), defeated Borussia Dortmund (is located 5th But we all know what he's capable of), he beat Cologne (only 7th place in the Europa League), tied with Bayern Munich (no need to talk about this team), tied with Hertha Berlin (4th in The table), beat Bayer Leverkusen (he is 9th but we know it is a dangerous team), and beat Schalke. As they could appreciate it received many complicated rivals and did not lose, I do not say that Mainz does not deserve the position that occupies at the moment but its campaign is based mainly on triumphs before the accessible equipment.Mainz has had four consecutive defeats away from home and hopefully continue down that road.
    © Andrey
  • B. Monchengladbach vs Wolfsburg BETTING TIPS / 20.12.2016 B.-Monchengladbach-Wolfsburg-betting-tips

    Betting tips for B. Monchengladbach vs Wolfsburg

    Hello everybody,In the Bundesliga today is the match between Borussia Mönchengladbach and Wolfsburg.This is the 2 analysis for this game. Here I go from the Wolfsburg victory.Wolfsburg surprised me by winning 1-0 against Eintracht. Surely Maier missed the penalty. But in general, a good partie has been played. I am sure that Wolfsburg has licked blood, and will now attack properly. The weak Gladbachers, who are already in the way of criticism, have just arrived. Wolfsburg will play offensively here to get to the front seats. The situation seems to be reassured on Wolfsburg, especially the one around J. Draxler. Therefore one can go positively in this game. Victory for the VFL Wolfsburg.
    © Russel
  • B. Monchengladbach – Wolfsburg PREDICTION & PREVIEW (20.12.2016) B.-Monchengladbach-Wolfsburg-prediction-preview

    Prediction for B. Monchengladbach - Wolfsburg

    The fee is low but I think we hardly missed the investment as Monchengladbach could have won more points in the tournament if not for the Champions League and still remains one of the teams harder to beat when he plays at home, this I say this because this season only lost 2 times in local status: one was his defeat 1-2 against Cologne (4 days to receive Manchester City for champions) and another was his defeat 1-2 against Barcelona (for champions) And if we analyze Wolfsburg we will see that this far from equaling the level of Cologne and much less of Barcelona, ​​worse still it is only 1 point of the zone of promotion and 3 of the zone of descent so at the moment it is the last equipment that Would be saving from the promotion zone, and stressed that monchengladbach is such a tough team at home that throughout this 2016 only lost 3 games in that condition, the already mentioned defeats and the other defeat suffered in January against Borussia Dortmund ( Another high offensive rival).I think our bet is very unlikely to fail and very good to come out.
    © Andrey

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