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Bundesliga Picks, Predictions & Betting Tips

Our 007soccerpicks team created a section of German Bundesliga. Here you will find only soccer predictions for German Bundesliga. Our team specialised in German soccer and carefully monitored the evolution and stats of German soccer championships. Our betting tips are available whenever rounds are scheduled. We also provide special previews for each Bundesliga soccer matches including stats and useful information for each event.

  • Bayer Leverkusen – B. Monchengladbach PREDICTION & PREVIEW (28.01.2017) Bayer-Leverkusen-B.-Monchengladbach-preview
  • Ingolstadt vs Hamburger SV BETTING TIPS / 28.01.2017 Ingolstadt-Hamburger-SV

    Betting tips for Ingolstadt vs Hamburger SV

    Hamburger SV win against Ingolstadt in regular time to a betting rate of 3.80Good morning,On Saturday, the Fc Ingolstadt will meet the Hamburger SV in the Bundesliga.Big points are distributed in this cellar duel. The winner could first move from the direct descents. At the moment the HSV is in the league with 13 points. Ingolstadt is on the 17th place with 12 points.I expect a very competitive game with few goals. Similar to the games of the two teams last weekend.In my opinion, HSV is now the better team. Mindless work carries fruit slowly but surely.By the way, Ingolstadt is the worst home team in the league.I put 6 credits on the HSV.
    © Russel
  • Ingolstadt – Hamburger SV PREDICTION & PREVIEW (28.01.2017) Ingolstadt-Hamburger-SV-preview

    Prediction for Ingolstadt - Hamburger SV

    Both will mark: YesHello, today I'm going with a game of day 18 of the Bundesliga, face Ingolstadt and Hamburg.Ingolstadt is in the penultimate position, in his last 10 home games he has scored goals in 7 of them, while Hamburg has done the same in 5 of his last 10 games playing away, Hamburg is in position 16.Ingolstadt has 14 goals in 17 games and Hamburg has 14 goals in 17 games, which is why I'm inclined because both teams will score, we are going to be very green and lucky to follow me.
    © Andrey
  • Wolfsburg vs FC Augsburg BETTING TIPS / 28.01.2017 Wolfsburg-FC-Augsburg

    Betting tips for Wolfsburg vs FC Augsburg

    Both will mark: NoHello, today I'm going with a game of the 18th day of the Bundesliga, face Wolfsburg and Augsburg.Wolfsburg is in the 12th position, in his last 10 home games he has not scored goals in 4 of them, while Augsburg has done the same in 3 of his last 10 games playing away, Augsburgo is in position 13 .Wolfsburg have 16 goals in 17 games and Augsburg have 13 goals in 17 games, as you can see they are teams with weak front for this reason I am inclined because both teams will not score, we are going for a safe green and luck to follow me.
    © Russel
  • Wolfsburg – FC Augsburg PREDICTION & PREVIEW (28.01.2017) Wolfsburg-FC-Augsburg-preview

    Prediction for Wolfsburg - FC Augsburg

    Under (-) 0.5 (first time)I continue with my particular experiment on the likelihood that a party will end a scoreless draw after the first 45 minutes.For the first time I will include the German league, which I thought was more tending to over and that was why I had missed it, however, after analyzing it calmly I see that there are really numbers quite similar to those in the Spanish league and these Have been my conclusions after the analysis of the next day of the Bundesliga.According to the data that I do, the party with the most chances to finish without goals this day in the first half is this Wolfsburg vs Augsburg, where I estimate a chance of under of 54.51% compared to 45.49% that the shock Conclude with over 0.5 after 45 minutes.The data on which I support are as follows:- Wolfsburg have tied 0 to rest 7 games out of 17, that's 41.17% of the matches this season, while there have been goals in the 58.83% - Wolfsburg playing as a local has tied 0 to the rest 5 games of the 9 played, that's 55.55% of the games, while there have been goals in 44.45% of the games.- Augsburg have tied 0 to the rest 10 games out of 17, that's 58.82% of the games they have played this season, while there has been at least one goal in only 41.18%. -The Augsburg, playing as a visitor has tied 0 to the rest 5 games of the 8 played, that's 62.50% of the matches while there has been at least one goal in 37.50% of the matches.If we add the odds of over and divide them by four we get a probability of 54.51% over and 45.49% under.With these numbers they would have to give us an over 2.25 and under quota of 1.83. Instead the betting houses are paying us 1.44 over and 2.62 under. I consider it a bet with a lot of courage and I bet it on William Hill.
    © Andrey

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