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Bundesliga Picks, Predictions & Betting Tips

Our 007soccerpicks team created a section of German Bundesliga. Here you will find only soccer predictions for German Bundesliga. Our team specialised in German soccer and carefully monitored the evolution and stats of German soccer championships. Our betting tips are available whenever rounds are scheduled. We also provide special previews for each Bundesliga soccer matches including stats and useful information for each event.

  • Darmstadt vs FC Koln BETTING TIPS / 28.01.2017 Darmstadt-FC-Koln

    Betting tips for Darmstadt vs FC Koln

    Will win to 0: FC CologneHello, today I am going with a match of day 18 of the Bundesliga, face Darmstadt and Cologne.Darmstadt is in the last position, while Cologne is in the seventh position and 3 points of the sixth, the sixth class in the Europa League, let's see the figures that lead me to a fairly probable bet giving Cologne as a winner and with the Goal at 0:Darmstadt has not won at home since last October 22, only scored 11 goals in 17 games, Cologne has not lost a visitor since last December 3 and scored 21 goals in 17 games.Finally, Darmstadt has never won to Cologne, they have faced on 3 occasions with 2 wins for Cologne and 1 tie, we go by a fairly probable green and lucky to follow me.
    © Russel
  • Darmstadt – FC Koln PREDICTION & PREVIEW (28.01.2017) Darmstadt-FC-Koln-preview

    Prediction for Darmstadt - FC Koln

    Win FC CologneDay number 18 of the German Bundesliga and we have this match between the last classified the darmstadt in front of the colony that is located in position number 7.Now, the colony comes from playing 6 consecutive days in the league, which has made day after day its position has fallen brutally.In this day he faces the last classified, the perfect opportunity to resume the flight and continue fighting for the European posts that he has let slip.In comparison the staff of the colony would give a hard review to the locals, I'm a little concerned about the state they lead but I guess they will leave with the machete between the teeth for the victory and if so, we should not have problems to green the pick.The fee that 888sport offers us is an authentic past so let's go for it, it's worth risking.
    © Andrey
  • RB Leipzig vs Hoffenheim BETTING TIPS / 28.01.2017 RB-Leipzig-Hoffenheim

    Betting tips for RB Leipzig vs Hoffenheim

    Both will mark: YesWe are going with this match and we enter that both groups will mark in the encounter of the day 18 of the German Bundesliga.As we are observing, the Lepizig as a local is being quite solvent, located in the 2nd place of the championship and only 3 points behind the leader, the almighty Bayern. The distance is minimal and they know that's why they will have to go for the game and for that we have to score goals and this favors us. We have to go back to April 2016 where Leipzig has not scored a goal at home and that is favorable for us and has gunpowder up with Werner, for this match can not count on another striker Forsberg (sanction) but template will not be.As for the visitor, the Hoffenheim, this team is just below the Leipzig in the table, is 3rd and is 8 points apart, also has interests as it will want to cut differences with respect to Leipzig and is also in drawing positions of Champions but underneath and 1 only point has Dortmund who is stepping on his heels so the 3 points are also important and but a draw so they should seek the goal. He has Wagner up as a scorer and an important fact to keep in mind is that this team as a visitor has scored in all his outings in less than 3 matches, that is, of 22 matches has scored goal in 19 !!! We have a 86.36% chance to write it down.That said I see very likely that both teams score so we go with this pick !!
    © Russel
  • RB Leipzig – Hoffenheim PREDICTION & PREVIEW (28.01.2017) RB-Leipzig-Hoffenheim-preview

    Prediction for RB Leipzig - Hoffenheim

    Win RasenBallsport LeipzigGood to all we go with the party of the Bundesliga between RB Leipzig and Hoffenheim. We have a match between 2 of the championship revelations.On the one hand we have the 2 nd and newly promoted RB Leipzig, who started the year winning 3-0 at Eintracht Frankfurt and want to continue making history in their first campaign in the top competition and getting a whopping 39 points in the first Return to only 3 points difference of the leader Bayern Munich.On the other hand its rival, the Hoffenheim is at the moment 3º with 31 points, being another one of the big surprises with the great campaign that they are doing until the moment.I am going to Leipzig victory because it is the second best place of the division with 7 victories and a draw, Hoffenheim is a good visitor since neither knows defeat with 3 victories and 5 draws, but I think the local effect of Leipzig and The desire to keep stalking Bayern should make the match go head-to-head.In the home game of Hoffenheim the result was 2-2 in the first round.Luck for all and for the green!
    © Andrey
  • Schalke vs Eintracht Frankfurt BETTING TIPS / 27.01.2017 Schalke-Eintracht-Frankfurt

    Betting tips for Schalke vs Eintracht Frankfurt

    Good, we will go with a bundeslliga, day 18 between Schalke and Eintracht Frankfurt.Arguments:1- They face the 10th place, Schalke with 21 points, who receive the Eintracht that is 6º with 29 points and currently classified for the previous of the Europa League, and that has only 1 point the 5th place that gives direct access. Therefore we see that the Eintracht is ranked more than its rival who is 8 points European posts.2- Let's go to what interests us, let both mark, and for that we will analyze as always his golaverages (21:19 Schalke, 22:15 Eintracht) and his last 10 encounters.3- Watching the golaverages after 17 days we see that they have a similar averages 1.23 goals scored while behind Eintracht is more reliable, averaging 0.88 goals conceded and Schalke 1.11. So hopefully this time keep at least maintaining the average goals scored.4- In his last 10 games the Schalke is very irregular, won 4, tied 1 and lost 5; But marked in 8 of those meetings, which is what we are looking for. Eintracht has won 4, drawn 3, lost 3, and has managed to score in 6 of them, but has already had two straight games without scoring, which has allowed him to lose 3-0 against Leipzig in his Last meeting, and previously tied 0-0 against Zenit St.Petersburg, so it is rare that there is a third match without a mark.5- How we see could win either, but that does not matter as we look for both to mark.Luck!!!!!
    © Russel

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