German Bundesliga Picks (Previews, Predictions & Betting Tips)

  • Ingolstadt vs RB Leipzig PREVIEW Ingolstadt-RB-Leipzig-preview

    Preview for Ingolstadt vs RB Leipzig

    What happens cracks! Bundesliga match between Ingolstadt and RB Leipzig. For this meeting I'm going to go with the visiting team, Red Bull Leipzig, score +1.5 goals. This means that Leipzig have to score 2 goals or more so that the bet is green. The bookmaker Wanabet offers us a 1.91 share for this market. The Rasenballsport Leipzig, better known as Red Bull Leipzig, is being the revelation team in the Bundesliga, and it would not be unreasonable to say that it is the revelation in Europe in general. And it is that 7 years ago did not appear on the map of professional German football, but in the last 7 years has chained 6 promotions, 4 of them in a row, to climb to the Bundesliga. However, he was not expected this spectacular performance, as he is the leader alone with 3 points away on the all-powerful Bayern Munich, a milestone. Leipzig have 29 goals scored in 13 games played, which means an average of 2 goals scored per game, which would give us the green in the bet. In addition, comes to this meeting after 8 consecutive victories, let's see how many of these 8 consecutive victories has surpassed this +1.5 goals, to see how many would have the green: 03 Dec 16 - RB Leipzig 2-1 Schalke (GREEN) 25 Nov 16 - Freiburg 1-4 RB Leipzig (GREEN) 18 Nov 16 - Leverkusen 2-3 RB Leipzig (GREEN) 06 Nov 16 - RB Leipzig 3-1 Mainz (GREEN) 29 Oct 16 - Darmstadt 0-2 RB Leipzig (GREEN) 23 Oct 16 - RB Leipzig 3-1 Werder Bremen (GREEN) 16 Oct 16 - Wolfsburg 0-1 RB Leipzig (RED) 30 Sep 16 - RB Leipzig 2-1 Augsburg (GREEN) In 7 of these 8 consecutive victories we would have the green. For its part, there is the local group, the Ingolstadt. The Ingolstadt is at the other end of the standings, being the last classified of this German Bundesliga. In the 13 matches he has played, of the 39 possible only got 6 points. It is one of the worst places in the category, has not won in any game yet against his fans despite being in the month of December. Let's see how many home games Ingolstadt has conceded 2 goals or more, which we need for this bet: 26 Nov 16 - Ingolstadt 1-1 Wolfsburg 05 Nov 16 - Ingolstadt 0-2 Augsburg 22 Oct 16 - Ingolstadt 3-3 Borussia Dortmund 01 Oct 16 - Ingolstadt 1-2 Hoffenheim 20 Sep 16 - Ingolstadt 0-2 Eintracht Frankfurt 10 Sep 16 - Ingolstadt 0-2 Hertha Berlin In 6 matches played, Ingolstadt scored 12 goals, just an average of 2 goals conceded per game. In addition, in 5 of the 6 matches he conceded 2 goals or more, which would give us the green. As you can see it is a very interesting bet and the statistics are on our side, so we have to enter this quota. A for the green!
    © Russel
  • Ingolstadt – RB Leipzig PREDICTION (10.12.2016) Ingolstadt-RB-Leipzig-prediction

    Prediction for Ingolstadt - RB Leipzig

    Meeting in the Audi Sportpark between Ingolstadt vs RB Leipzig of the Bundesliga day 14. On the one hand the local Ingolstadt comes to lose against Werder Bremen 2-1, local has 2 points out of 18 possible, standing at 18th place in the table his last formation was a 4-2-3-1, with a percentage Possession in the forty- Well we go with the counterpart RB Leipzig who come from winning 2-1 against Schalke, visit has 17 points from 21 possible.Situating in the first place in the table his last formation used was 4-4-2, with a percentage of 48% of possession. Well after a small summary of the numbers we go with the because I think we can have goals on both doors. First the home team who have allowed at least one goal in all their home matches and scored in three of six, Ingolstadt has scored in their last three meetings. According to the leader of the Leipzig competition who is the best visitor of the tournament and has scored in all his away games and received goals in 4 of seven, also has the fourth best scorer in the league Timo Werner with 8 entries. In short a duel between the bottom of the table and the leader of the competition which are usually good matches in addition Ingolstadt has been improving offensively and good Leipzig is the best visitor offense with 17 goals in 7 games. From the previous data I consider that we can have annotations in both goals lucky to whom it decides to follow.
    © Andrey
  • Hertha Berlin VS SV Werder Bremen BETTING TIPS / 10.12.2016 Hertha-Berlin-SV-Werder-Bremen-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Hertha Berlin VS SV Werder Bremen

    Hello, we are going with my first pick for this weekend that belongs to the German Bundesliga. In this match he faces Hertha of Berlin against Werder Bremen. The favorite to take the victory in this meeting is the hertha of Berlin who plays at home and is mainly much more team. Every year that happens in my opinion this team is getting bigger and bigger where this year is doing a magnificent season where he is in 3rd place, just behind Bayern Muncih and the great revelation this year the leader Leipzig who is still Unbeaten undefeated 13 days ago. The Hertha this encounter plays it as a place where it will once again have its people encouraging each minute something very important in the German Bundesliga where the fields are fully filled and the local teams become much stronger. In this case the Hertha this year is being a real fort where it is showing unstoppable. 27.11.16 BUN Hertha Mainz 2: 1 04.11.16 BUN Hertha Mönchengladbach 3: 0 22.10.16 BUN Hertha Cologne 2: 1 01.10.16 BUN Hertha Hamburg 2: 0 18.09.16 BUN Hertha Schalke 2: 0 28.08.16 BUN Hertha Freiburg 2: 1 As you can see it has a full of victories, 6 of 6 nothing more and nothing less winning teams of great merit as Shalke is in a good shape, Borussia mocnehbladbach, team that disputed this year the champions league that the 3- 0 etc. Their numbers in terms of goals are pretty good as a local. A balance of 13 in their favor and only 3 against showing behind a rocky team hard to beat, something quite meritorious. It is the 3rd best defense of the championship and is among the 4 best defenses of the league. Also outside of the house is facing the teams the truth that they are in a good shape, tying nothing more and nothing less than in the field of Borusia of Dortmund and in the Eintracht that this year as a local is being very strong where still neither aa lost. Honestly I see a very strong team that will certainly get ahead of this match against an opponent who can not say the same thing. Werder Bremne a year more going through troubles in the low positions of the qualifying table. It occupies the position 14º of 18 teams now being very close to the down positions, 5º by the tail with only 11 points in 13 meetings deputies until the moment. It is a team that only managed to win 3 games in the league and have of course been home to the colista by 2-1 by the minimum, before the Wolsburgo that this fatal away from home and before an irregular Leverkusen that made a meeting Of joke Of visitor they continue like every season passing great hardships where not yet managed to win nor a single encounter. In addition they are having a fatísimo problem in defense and that before the Hertha that is on fire above will pay dearly. Defending so I doubt that they can bring something positive here. Right now they are the worst defense of the league with 32 goals against in 13 matches the truth that a barbarity of goals received. The truth that you have been able to witness a few times and back are a disaster and above they go upstairs with everything with which the Hertha at home can do a damage. The Hertha is a team that attacks very well and at home will go to place the encounter with what I see wing Werder Bremen going bad. The Shalke 04 and Leipzig, teams of the area of ​​the table top, similar to Hertha that has offensive potential has managed to make 3 goals taking of course as local victory comfortably. Bayern Munich managed to score a forceful 6-0 where they were undoubtedly humiliated where before the Bayern did not smell the ball and did not leave their own goal. Honestly this year they will be back down with that defense. I think that Hertha if it continues at its current level as a local, this meeting should win if or if and if it were not so it would seem a big surprise. The Hertha does not have European competition with what it had to the whole week to rest and to prepare this encounter with normality. As for injuries follow the same as in the previous meeting where they managed to win the Wolsburgto by 2-3 away from home. I will undoubtedly trust in the best place in the entire German Bundesliga so far and one of the best teams without doubt of this Bundesliga and that best state of the art is so far. At 1.75 I think a good fee to go with links as local, a fee that throughout the week I predict will go down. In bet365 it is already at 1.70 and it is late to play at 1.83, a penalty but good since betfair is at 1.75 and is in my opinion very difficult yet. That is why WIN HERTHA BERLIN. A greeting and let's go for the green.
    © Jonah Picks
  • Hertha Berlin vs SV Werder Bremen PREVIEW Hertha-Berlin-SV-Werder-Bremen-preview

    Preview for Hertha Berlin vs SV Werder Bremen

    We are going to go to the German Bundesliga I to the game of the 14th day that faces Hertha Berlin and Werder Bremen. I'm going to try the Hertha Berlin handicap-1. We will take the pick if the Hertha wins by more than 1 goal and if it does for the minimum the bet will be null. The Hertha Berlin occupies the 3rd position with 27 points (8v-3e-2d) and 22 gf and 13 gc. As local has added the 18 points (6v-0e-0d) with 13 gf and 3 gc. Here are your local results: Vs Freiburg 2-1 Vs Schalke 04 2-0 Vs Hamburg 2-0 Vs Cologne 2-1 Vs M'gladbach 3-0 Vs Mainz 05 2-1 We can see that he has won all his matches so far as local, the only one in the whole competition, and that way we would not have losses. Of those 6 games in 3 he did it for more than 1 goal that would be the ones that would give us the pick for cattle. Werder Bremen, on the other hand, occupies the 14th position with 11 points (3v-2e-8d) and 17 gf and 32 gc, located 3 points above the downhill zone. As a visitor has added 2 points (0v-2e-4d) with 7 gf and 20 gc. Here are your away games: @ Bayern 6-0 @ M'Gladbach 4-1 @ Darmstadt 2-2 @ RB Leipzig 3-1 @ Schalke 04 3-1 @ Hamburg 2-2 We can see that in the 4 games that he has lost as a visitor he has done more than 1 goal in all of them. In the 2 games that drew a tie she faced 2 of the last 3 qualifiers, so seeing the Hertha data as a place where she has not lost any point yet and the Werder Bremen that has been unable to win yet away from home, I think That it is worth risking this handicap to a really good quota knowing that we are assured the null if the Hertha wins the match. Luck for those who follow me and thanks !!!
    © Russel
  • Hertha Berlin – SV Werder Bremen PREDICTION (10.12.2016) Hertha-Berlin-SV-Werder-Bremen-prediction

    Prediction for Hertha Berlin - SV Werder Bremen

    What happens cracks! Bundesliga match between Hertha Berlin and Werder Bremen. For this match I will go with the victory of the local ensemble, Hertha Berlin. The bookmaker William Hill offers us a 1.83 share for the victory of the Berliners, a share more than attractive. It is true that it is a bet that by the quota seems risky, but it is not so much if we look at the trajectory of both teams. The Berlin Hertha continues to grow year by year, and shows that last year was not a fluke. Last year Hertha was fighting for European posts, even Champions posts. He was finally seventh, which led him to play the previous qualifying round for the Europa League. However he was eliminated with the Danish Brondby, although he won 1-0 the first leg, lost 3-1 on lap in Denmark. But this has not discouraged those of Pal Dardai, who have further improved their performance. After 13 days, the Germans are third with 30 points, 3 points from Bayern and 6 from Red Bull Leipzig, the team that surpasses it as a revelation team of the campaign. Of these 30 points, 18 obtained them as a local in their 6 matches played, reason why has a full of victories in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. With these numbers, logically it is the best place in the Bundesliga and the best place in the big leagues, because no team has these numbers in England, Spain, Italy or France, which certainly has a merit Spectacular for a team like Hertha. Meanwhile, Werder Bremen are going to fight another year for not descending to the Bundesliga 2. Last year was already until the last days fighting to be saved and managed to do it, but this year it seems that it will get a little tighter . Right now it occupies the fourteenth position, to 2 positions of the descent and 3 points above this zone. This is due in large measure to their very bad numbers at home. These are your parties as a visitor to this campaign: 26 Nov 16 - Hamburg 2-2 Werder Bremen 06 Nov 16 - Schalke 04 3-1 Werder Bremen 23 Oct 16 - RB Leipzig 3-1 Werder Bremen 01 Oct 16 - Darmstadt 98 2-2 ​​Werder Bremen 17 Sep 16 - B. Mönchengladbach 4-1 Werder Bremen 26 Aug 16 - Bayern Munich 6-0 Werder Bremen As you can see, he has not only lost the great majority of the matches (4 of 6), but also a large number of goals. Nothing more and nothing less than 20 goals scored by 7 scored. The two draws got them against 2 of the 3 teams that are in the drop zone and are also the worst places, so it is not to be feared. A for the green!
    © Andrey

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