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Bundesliga Picks, Predictions & Betting Tips

Our 007soccerpicks team created a section of German Bundesliga. Here you will find only soccer predictions for German Bundesliga. Our team specialised in German soccer and carefully monitored the evolution and stats of German soccer championships. Our betting tips are available whenever rounds are scheduled. We also provide special previews for each Bundesliga soccer matches including stats and useful information for each event.

  • Dortmund – FC Augsburg PREDICTION & PREVIEW (20.12.2016) Dortmund-FC-Augsburg

    Prediction for Dortmund - FC Augsburg

    Borussia Dortmund - Augsburg Bundesliga Signal Iduna Park, DortmundThe Dortmund arrive to this party after a new puncture outside of house when tied before the Hoffenheim after losing to Reus expelled in the first half, arrive at this day the 16 specifically to 10 points of the head, but what is more worrying with Hoffenheim and Hertha ahead in Champions standings. It's a team that I'm not going to discover absolutely offensive with great players in that field patch and that back fail a little more although at home they are defending well. In the Bundesliga they have won at home 5 games and 2 draws and have scored 17 goals and received only 4, averaging 3 goals per game. His last games played at home:03.12.16 BUN Dortmund Mönchengladbach 4: 1 22.11.16 CL Dortmund Legia 8: 4 19.11.16 BUN Dortmund Bayern 1: 0 02.11.16 CL Dortmund Sporting CP 1: 0 29.10.16 BUN Dortmund Schalke 0: 0The Augsburg is with 17 points in a comfortable enough situation for them right now, 7 points above the promotion posts and reach the match with a good streak of only a game lost of the last 5 days, are one of the teams less Happy and more defensive of the Bundesliga, which will be a team that leaves well planted to the field trying to hold the result waiting for some failure of the premises, away from home they have scored 8 points with 6 goals in favor and 6 against , Only 1.7 goals per game when they play outside. This season they have only received 3 or more goals of Bayern in glass, although they have lax much in their games outside of the house like the last exit to Hamburg.10.12.16 BUN Hamburg Augsburg 1: 0 26.11.16 BUN Cologne Augsburg 0: 0 05.11.16 BUN Ingolstadt Augsburg 0: 2 26.10.16 POK Bayern Augsburg 3: 1 22.10.16 BUN Freiburg Augsburg 2: 1When they have faced these two teams the Dortmund has normally won easy, last season 3 clashes between these two teams, two in league and one in cup and Dortmund created many chances and got enough goals, now need to do so not to start to stay Absolutely taken down in the fight by this German league, before the winter paron:20.03.16 BUN Augsburg Dortmund 1: 3 16.12.15 POK Augsburg Dortmund 0: 2 25.10.15 BUN Dortmund Augsburg 5: 1
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  • Bayer Leverkusen vs Ingolstadt BETTING TIPS / 18.12.2016 Bayer-Leverkusen-Ingolstadt-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Bayer Leverkusen vs Ingolstadt

    As part of Round 15 of the German Bundesliga on the program, we have a match between Leverkusen and Ingloštada. Leverkusen is currently in 8th place in the standings with 20 points. So far, a total of 6 wins and 2 draws and 6 defeats. They are in good shape at the moment. In the last round they got Schalke at home and in a good mood to welcome the match. On the other hand guests are currently in 17th place in the table with 9 points. In solid form are now but they are this season on the desperate. Leverkusen is just one class better team here and I believe that already at half a leadership transition and therefore suggest 1-1 here.
    © Russel
  • Bayer Leverkusen – Ingolstadt PREDICTION & PREVIEW (18.12.2016) Bayer-Leverkusen-Ingolstadt-prediction

    Prediction for Bayer Leverkusen - Ingolstadt

    Let's go with the Bundesliga game between Bayer Leverkusen and IngolstadtIn this case and as I mark the quota so clear I go with Bayer Leverkusen, as once past the group stage of the Champions League and know that he did not play until February and before Atletico Madrid said team has to focus on returning to To slip into European positions and to play during the week European competition has taken its toll on the domestic competitionAt the moment Bayer Leverkusen is located 8º with 20 points to 5 points of the European positions, in which there are teams that are not habitual that they are there and before it returns the European competition has to be within those positions reason why They have to get the maximum possible points and from here to that the Champions return the game a priori the easiest is thisThe Ingolstadt is penultimate to 1 point of salvation, it is true that comes at its best since the last 5 games totaled a total of 7 points while in the previous 9 was only able to add 2But the reasons that make me go with Bayer are several:- Bayern have better squad than Ingolstad, in addition to the field factor- Ingolstad is among the worst visitors since in 7 games only got 4 points (1 victory against the colista and a tie)- The ingolstad is one of the teams that concede the most goals, and is tied with 3 other teams with the fewest goals with just 11 goals in 14 games-It's the easiest a priori match for Bayer until the return of the Champions League-In the two previous matches of both teams the victory went to Bayern last season as home 3-2 and as a visitor by 0-1I hope Bayer continues to climb positions to get into European positionsLuck for all and for the green
    © Andrey
  • Darmstadt vs Bayern Munich BETTING TIPS / 18.12.2016 Darmstadt-Bayern-Munich-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Darmstadt vs Bayern Munich

    As part of Round 15 of the German Bundesliga on the program, we have a match between Bayern Munich and Darmstadt. Greuther Furth is currently in last place in the standings with eight points. So far, a total of 2 wins with 2 draws and 10 defeats and they are, objectively speaking, the weakest team in the league. Van forms are for some time and in this game included with seven consecutive losses. On the other hand Bayern is currently in first place in the standings with 33 points won. In the excellent form at the moment, the two classes are a better team from Darmstadt and therefore I believe will be compelling in this match.
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  • Darmstadt – Bayern Munich PREDICTION & PREVIEW (18.12.2016) Darmstadt-Bayern-Munich-prediction

    Prediction for Darmstadt - Bayern Munich

    Hello, everyone, let's go to the Bundesliga match where we find this unequal match between the newly elevated German championship leader Bayer Munich (tied for points with the Leipzig championship revelation) and the last in The classification the Darmstadt.1º .Bayern 10G 3E 1P 34GF and 9GC. 33PTS 18º.Darmstadt 2G 2E 10P 11GF and 27GC .8PTSThe local team receives not only the leader but also the most scorer of the championship with an average of 2.42 goals per game, a figure that should increase this day in the field of red lantern with a bulging average of 1.92 goals scored per game , I hope it also continues to rise on this day. For this match we will have the scorers of this previous day in the 5-0 (Robben, Douglas Costa, Müller and Lewandowski 2 goals) to Wolfsburg.Those of Ancelotti know the importance of adding points in this visit to preserve the leadership that took so many days without savoring, once recovered I do not think I let it escape and seek to leave with a mattress of more than 3 points before the winter paron, I say Of the 3 points that 3 days later of this clash we will see the most attractive duel so far in the bundesliga Bayern Munich vs Red Bull Leipzig.I see this share of 1.7 @, still profitable in the Blue house, in other bookies we have between 1.55 @ and 1.61 @ the Green house ... I will go with Stake 3/5 to see more than 2 goals of the set Bavaro, luck to Who will follow her already by EL VERDE JERELE !!
    © Andrey

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