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LaLiga Picks, Predictions & Betting Tips

Our soccer passionate experts help you bet with viable picks and advice. Here you can follow our soccer picks for Spanish La Liga Primera. Our 007soccerpicks team offers proper tools for bettors to make their decisions before betting on soccer matches. Throughout the Liga season our experts analyse all the games that are played. You can safely follow our La Liga picks. On this page you are viewing the best picks of the moment based on a complete analysis carried out by our team and on all the statistics on rankings, confrontations, last results, and also the last news on the teams in question.

  • Betis – Gijon PREDICTION & PREVIEW (22.01.2017) Betis-Gijon-preview

    Prediction for Betis - Gijon

    Over (+) 2 goalsVital match for Sporting Gijon.They face in the Villarmarín two of the groups more thrashed of the League. On the one hand we have the Betis, which has improved something with Victor on the bench. The inclusion in the eleven of Dani Ceballos has improved the offensive game of the team and that has been translated into points.On the other side we find Sporting, 37 goals against in only 19 games. In this last match the defense was a real disaster receiving 3 goals at home and against the Eibar, and thanks, because they could be more. Still managed to score 2 goals. They should not speculate, and go for the match from the minute 1 as they are 4 of the salvation that marks the Valencia, which should at least score a goal.As it is possible that Sporting play with an approach of 5 defenses (although given their need should not), I prefer to ensure and in the event that they are 1-1 or 2-0 or 0-2 return the money, to Such a low line seems to me a usable fee and more than two teams with such weak defenses.Good luck, guys.
    © Andrey
  • Athletic Bilbao – Atletico Madrid PREDICTION & PREVIEW (22.01.2017) Athletic-Bilbao-Atletico-Madrid-preview

    Prediction for Athletic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid

    Athletic -1 cornerI am quite surprised this line of corners that has drawn WH.Of entrance to go against the Athletic in San Mamés to corners already of if it is to play it, whoever is the rival, but also that Atletico comes to him that not even painted.It is a team that bases much of its game in the attack of spaces, does not corner the rival team and less, outside the Calderón.Por other hand, the corners are no longer what they were in Athletic. Now, except Godín there is very little Gunpowder and the athletic is not good customer.Since there is Simeone, there have only been once 5 visits to San Mamés who have won in corners to Athletic and took a 3-0 to Madrid. On all other occasions, he was beaten by Athletic.04/20/16 34ªJ Athle. 0-1 Atlét (8-4) 12/21/14 16ª J. Athle. 1-4 Atlét. (3-1) 03/03/14 31ªJ Athle. 1-2 Atlét. (4-3) 1/1/14 Copa Athle. 1-2 Atlét. (4-3)For this match are low Beñat and Aduriz, in the case of the forward comes great, because whoever is their substitute, will have more mobility, more 1x1 as I imagine that will put Williams of 9.In addition, I think Athletic will go to the counter in this match, I do not see him winning, but behind the scoreboard and squeezing, so this is a great extra.
    © Andrey
  • Osasuna – Sevilla PREDICTION & PREVIEW (22.01.2017) Osasuna-Sevilla-prediction

    Prediction for Osasuna - Sevilla

    Win SevillaLiga Santander in its pure state ... The red lantern faces the second ..In the last meetings of Osasuna has noticed an improvement, their numbers in league are 18 encounters disputed, 1 victory 6 ties 11 defeats, 17 goals in favor 38 finds. He has tied his last two meetings in Granada the last day 1-1, and at home against Valencia 3-3.In spite of the improvement shown in the last meetings we can not forget that he faces Sevilla second in the league playing well and demonstrating because he is second. It comes from winning the R.Madrid in Seville by 2-1. And break the streak of unbeaten team leader of the classificationThe spectacular numbers of Sampaoli's team are 18 games, 12 wins, 3 wins, 3 losses, 38 goals in favor, 22 matches. Of his last 5 meetings as a visitor 3 wins 1 draw 1 loss.In short I see much superior to this Sevilla that does not know where its cap. I like Sampaoli's team. Good luck and have for the green.
    © Andrey
  • Villarreal vs Valencia BETTING TIPS / 21.01.2017 Villarreal-Valencia

    Betting tips for Villarreal vs Valencia

    Valencia more points per cardGood afternoon, because we are going to go with this derby that faces Villareal and Valencia in the Santander League. I like this forecast of Valencia plus points cards since the bookmakers have located the line in 6.5, for example bet, therefore, as I think it will be a game of cards since in a derby and more in the Position that is the Valencia, since it is located a position above the descent, which should come out to bite and it seems that with the new marshal, Voro, things have changed a bit, at least it seems that attitude. As for Villareal is in the sixth position that leads to play the Europa League but to 3 points of the Champions area with which they must go out to win and therefore, I expect a match where both teams play at a high pace.In addition to this, one of the main reasons is that Valencia is the 4 team more carded the League with an average of just over 3 cards, while Villareal the opposite since it is the team less carded with an average that Does not reach 2 (1.72), all because of the poor situation of Valencia and the tightening that there is and Villareal is characterized by more players of touch who like to have more possession.Finally comment on how to rate WH. The yellow cards are worth 10 points, the red direct 25 points and the yellow double with 35 pointsHaving said that, we are going to go with her with stake 1, since this year of the Valencian team you can trust the fair, besides that is a derby and can be warm. Good luck to whoever follows it!
    © Russel
  • Villarreal – Valencia PREDICTION & PREVIEW (21.01.2017) Villarreal-Valencia-preview

    Prediction for Villarreal - Valencia

    Both mark and do not tieHello, we are going with the 19 day of the Santander League between Villarreal and Valencia.Prediction: Both score and not draw in exchange for a 2.80 share in William Hill.Arguments:1- Derby Levantine between a Villarreal that marches 6º with 31 points and therefore still in European positions, but followed very closely (3 points) by the Bilbao; And in front will be a need of points and victories Valencia ... with 16 points and 4 of downhill positions, marking the 17th.2- The Villarreal is in its worst bump this season, as it has 5 games without winning, which has tied 4 and lost 1. Despite this negative streak is still the team less thrashing in the league with just 12 goals Jammed after 18 games.3- The Valencia seems to have improved somewhat their game of the hand of Voro, and although they need the 3 points at all costs, Villarreal also will not want to lose the European posts, and less losing against Valencia and its stadium, so I predict A match to the attack and with goals for both teams since to none it is worth a tie to him.Luck!!!!!!!!
    © Andrey

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