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Our soccer passionate experts help you bet with viable picks and advice. Here you can follow our soccer picks for Spanish La Liga Primera. Our 007soccerpicks team offers proper tools for bettors to make their decisions before betting on soccer matches. Throughout the Liga season our experts analyse all the games that are played. You can safely follow our La Liga picks. On this page you are viewing the best picks of the moment based on a complete analysis carried out by our team and on all the statistics on rankings, confrontations, last results, and also the last news on the teams in question.

  • Betis – Athletic Bilbao PREDICTION (11.12.2016) Betis-Athletic-Bilbao-prediction

    Prediction for Betis - Athletic Bilbao

    GoodAlthough I am not in favor of creating the forecasts 1 week before the game, I am going to advance with this pick since seeing the dynamics of both teams seems to me that this value is very valuable.3rd consecutive game for the betis in the benito villamarin before his fans, where he has reconnected with the stand since the arrival of victor, and is that since he arrives remains unbeaten the 3 games he has played in his field with 2 victories and 1 tie.Getting the victories to the palms and to give in the cup and the tie this same Sunday against the Celtic in a vibrant party where already predicts the tie with victory not valid of the betis that entered, now we are going with the victory or tie of the betis by the following Reasons.The betis since Victor has come to know what he plays, is a team that I have already put in previous picks, plays with a 5-3-2 and has no modesty in giving the ball on the contrary even if he plays in his field and Play the counterattack and try to score by counters or standing ball.Now, if you have to play the attack you can also play this betis, which has already been seen as with the marker against this Sunday against Celta converted that 5-3-2 in a 3-5-2 choking the exit of ball Of the Celtic and managing the possession, that allowed him to overcome the party 2-1 and later also to put with a advantage of 3-2, although finally it tied to him to 3.The athletic on the other hand will play a key match on Thursday in europa league where it is played as 1st group and for this you will have to make a trip to Vienna, this will limit and much preparation of the game since they only go to Have Friday and Saturday to dedicate, while the betis will start from tomorrow to prepare this meeting.As aspects that I do not like I will highlight:The defense of the betis, something in which victor is trying to improve to forced marches, can suffer with Aduriz.The Petros low by expulsion in the center of the field.I emphasize the aspects that I like the most and that is why they lead me to make this bet:The tuning with the stand has returned and when you have to the stand on your side the betis plays with that player 12 that gives you strength.And here for me the key: THE PHYSICIST, the betis since he is with Marcos Alvarez as a physical trainer has one of the best physical levels of the league, finishes the games really well and this is what I have already mentioned before that allows you to do A stifling pressure throughout the match with the 3-5-2, EYE with this because the athletic in this aspect will reach 1 or 2 points below the betis playing match on Thursday, and although they have better staff the physique nowadays Is a fundamental aspect as well.A greeting and good luck to those who follow me.
    © Andrey
  • Espanyol VS Gijon BETTING TIPS / 11.12.2016 Espanyol-Gijon-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Espanyol VS Gijon

    Espanyol and Sporting meet in Cornellá-El Prat in a duel in which both will try to confirm the positive notes that left them last weekend, in which the Catalans tied at the Calderón (0-0) in His fifth game without conceding goals! And the sportinguistas registered the triumph in the dramatic duel in the low zone before Osasuna. The parakeets made in pre-season a template designed to aspire to the European positions and in spite of its bad start of the championship, little by little they are approaching its expectations and already are eight weeks continuous without losing, with three victories and five ties. The set Asturian, who continues in downhill positions, worsens many of their numbers as a visitor, because far from El Molinón has not won and has lost five of his seven matches. I leave you the keys to the pick Espanyol accumulate eight consecutive days without losing. The parakeets have not conceded a single goal in their last five commitments. Sporting do not know the victory away from Gijón, because as a visitor it registers two draws and five defeats. The Catalan team is slowly fulfilling their expectations of fighting for the European posts and is one of the teams that has progressed most after its poor start. Good luck if you follow.
    © Jonah Picks
  • Espanyol vs Gijon PREVIEW Espanyol-Gijon-preview

    Preview for Espanyol vs Gijon

    Hello Tipsters, we are going with a new forecast the match corresponding to day number fifteen of the Santander league that is disputed in the Stadiom of Cornellà that faces Spanish and to Sporting of Gijón. Let's take a look at the teams Spanish Ranked 12 of 20 teams Points 19 The last match has been a draw against At.Madrid at home. Of the last 10: 3 Victories 5 Draws 2 defeats. All matches the difference the result has been equal or 1 goal.Sporting Gijon Rated 18 of 20 teams Points 12 The last match has been a victory against Colista Osasuna. Of the last 10: 0 Victories 4 Draws 6 defeats. All matches the difference the result has been equal to or more than 1 goal.Last three clashes between these two teams in the home of Spanish 03 Oct 15 Espanyol 1 - 2 Sporting 28 Apr 12 Espanyol 0 - 3 Sporting 05 Dec 10 Espanyol 1 - 0 SportingNow you have to opt for a result. Once I studied the statistics, I am inclined to try to keep the tie and control each other. The risk is to bet on the draw hard and simple, but seen what is seen must leave the tie and look for another possibility although the share of the 1X is low I am forced to the X2 Nothing more, for her and good luck to all the tipsters who follow this bet.
    © Russel
  • Espanyol – Gijon PREDICTION (11.12.2016) Espanyol-Gijon-prediction

    Prediction for Espanyol - Gijon

    All rights reserved. Day 15Espanyol lead to this match with a spectacular streak of 10 unbeaten games and all of them, 8 without conceding a goal. Hence the high fees that bookies offer us. However, despite these numbers, is far removed from the seats that give right to play European competitions and is largely due to the large number of draws they have harvested. It is true that the improvement line is upward, but they must confirm that improvement by accumulating victories. Espanyol will propose the initiative in the game and perhaps need to risk before a rival, Sporting, who is in downhill positions after his poor streak of 10 games without knowing the victory and where precisely, last week, was able to stop that Sangria of bad results, against Osasuna that at the moment, did not serve him to leave the zone of danger. But they are worth to face the coming games with a certain tranquility and less anxiety to win. Something that will certainly favor your performance.Sporting possibly will try to organize back and take advantage of the few occasions available to have options to come out with something positive.We are going to enter this forecast to a low stake...luck!!!
    © Andrey
  • Celta Vigo VS Sevilla BETTING TIPS / 11.12.2016 Celta-Vigo-Vs-Sevilla-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Celta Vigo VS Sevilla

    Both teams came out with everything in their European commitments, so the forces will match in that regard. But the rotations, which always lead to some mismatch and the consequent actions to the limit to correct mistakes, will come into play, and we will also see players giving 110% looking to win the position in the starting lineup.The matches between both teams have always been very fought. To give you an idea, last season they faced 4 times, 2 in the League and 2 in the Cup, and in all those matches they passed this line of cards (9, 9, 11 and 8). What's more, in 3 of the 4 games we saw an expelled!So I do not understand this Asian line that offers us Bet365. If you want more, the previous season again in the two league games exceeded this line (10 and 8), and again saw an expulsion in 1 of the 2.The referee is Undiano Mallenco. That on average is over 5, but that leaves us parties with none or parties with many cards. In disputed matches, the number of cards that he draws up usually increases because he becomes more protagonist. Also, since January does not expel anyone in an official match, seeing their stats, is already playing and this could be the perfect match.This line has an immense value for me, it is true that the designated referee does not make us crazy with the stake, but is that he has ALWAYS left in the last 6 games between Celta and Sevilla.This fee is a gift to take advantage of. That expulsion is paid to 3.15, which with this background is not farfetched.
    © Jonah Picks

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