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Our soccer passionate experts help you bet with viable picks and advice. Here you can follow our soccer picks for Spanish La Liga Primera. Our 007soccerpicks team offers proper tools for bettors to make their decisions before betting on soccer matches. Throughout the Liga season our experts analyse all the games that are played. You can safely follow our La Liga picks. On this page you are viewing the best picks of the moment based on a complete analysis carried out by our team and on all the statistics on rankings, confrontations, last results, and also the last news on the teams in question.

  • Barcelona vs Espanyol BETTING TIPS / 18.12.2016 Barcelona-Espanyol-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Barcelona vs Espanyol

    Match of the Day 16 between Barcelona and Espanyol.We go with a meeting in which Barcelona has managed to win Espanyol last time at home but in which we also find a Espanyol somewhat different than in previous years:-In first place, the set of Luis Enrique has undertaken a trip to play a friendly against the Al Ahli Jeddah. Undoubtedly, something unnecessary for the whole Blaugrana knowing that this can affect him in terms of greater anxiety. Despite the criticism received, the team is still on the right path to six points of Madrid so I have no doubt that it will be a game in favor of Barcelona but not as simple as on previous occasions.-The Espanyol, for its part, has achieved a very good streak that has left it in the ninth place and that, if they continue playing well, I do not doubt that they continue to rise since they are only three points away from the European posts. As visitors, have managed to score goal in all the days except against Las Palmas and Atletico Madrid in which both ends ended the match by 0-0.In short, I am sure that fatigue will make a dent in the Barcelona players and that Espanyol will face the match at the best possible moment. It would not seem strange for Barcelona to take the match but I do not think Espanyol will let him take it so easily and it would not surprise me that both scored in a game that certainly seems very disputed.Luck!
    © Russel
  • Barcelona – Espanyol PREDICTION & PREVIEW (18.12.2016) Barcelona-Espanyol-prediction-preview

    Prediction for Barcelona - Espanyol

    Hi guys, let's go with a very value-priced quote.Recall that it is a derby with a lot of history, and that lately there was talk of games too hard.It is true that Espanyol have always held ties to their eternal rival as victories, and however much they weigh, the goal today is not to lose the game (goal 0-0).Lacking the end of the day, Espanyol have played 14 games this season, in which they have come on board at halftime on 10 occasions (6 of 7 playing away). For his part, the club has done it in 6 of 15 (3 of 8 as a local).Of its last 5 confrontations, in 2 occasions they arrived 0-0 to the rest. And if we only look at the league matches with Barca as a local, in the last two matches (in which they were 5-1 and 5-0), they came 1-1 and 1-0 at halftime.In short, high fee for something really probable (then comes a certain Messi and gets 3 in half an hour, but hey ..). I hope a Espanyol strong start that will try to get alive at halftime, Barça I suppose it will play as it always does, hoping that the Spanish will be more tired to make mistakes, but that will be in the second half: P
    © Andrey
  • Deportivo La Coruna vs Osasuna BETTING TIPS / 18.12.2016 Deportivo-La-Coruna-Osasuna-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Deportivo La Coruna vs Osasuna

    I venture to a game within a week that I see with many possibilities and is none other than an unfortunate Deportivo de la Coruña. I think this team is having very bad luck and as I explained in a previous pick it plays a lot better than its results show. He is at a pto of the descent after having in his hands to win several parties that in the end escaped to him.-Contra Madrid had everything in favor but the flower of Ramos made him lose in the discount, besides receiving another goal in 80 and so many, he was winning in the bernabeu ... -Contra Sevilla went 2-0 at home almost at halftime and in minute 87 and 92 they gave the return of the match and ended up losing 2-3. -Contra Malaga at home began winning, they traced 3-1 and knew to tie the match, but as always, in the minute 92 they scored a goal and ended up losing.As you always see the final minutes are playing a trick. Anyway my pick does not go with the victory, which I see clear before a loose floppy osasuna. My bet focuses on that it will score more than 1 goal, despite the results I mentioned where it did not win if it would be green as it scored 2 to madrid in bernabeu, 2 to sevilla at home and 3 to Malaga at home ... I do not think I'm running aimlessly on this Depor. After so many days having bad luck and fully engaged in the fight of the descent, I think that before his fans, before a direct rival for the fight that is very bad and after the rage accumulated by the undeserved defeats ... will come out almost sure.The last game of the home at home gave no less than 5 to the real society (5-1) who paid all the dishes, although if it is true that everything came out in the face of the Corunna I think they deserve more.On the contrary we have the osasuna ... little to say. Last team in the league, last 5 games lost and is the most thrashed of the league with 32 goals against (more than 1 per game).I think the data is with us for the bet and also adds the needs of the local team. For now there are no losses in the lead so we are confident in Andone, Babel and why not Joselu.Suerteee
    © Russel
  • Deportivo La Coruna – Osasuna PREDICTION & PREVIEW (18.12.2016) Deportivo-La-Coruna-Osasuna-prediction

    Prediction for Deportivo La Coruna - Osasuna

    Good morning everyone. League game of two teams in need of points.Depor's top performer was clearly Zidane. That party plus the victory at home to Real Sociedad by a forceful 5-1 shows that the Garitano team is taking the line to follow. Located in the table of 16 with 13 points 3 wins (the 3 as local) 4 draws and 8 losses. His three home victories as a highlight have been: Depor vs. Society 5-1 Depor vs Sporting 2-1 Depor vs Eibar 2-1 Data that favors us in our bet since it plays like local. On the other hand Osasuna occupying the last place with 7 points, 1 win 4 draws 10 losses. As a visitor has not done so bad since his victory has been home and scraped 2 draws. Bilbao vs Osasuna 1-1 Eibar vs Osasuna 2-3 Málaga vs Osasuna 1-1Both come from a hard encounter, it is usually noticed after playing against Madrid or Barcelona the physical wear that these matches involve.Right now it is a match fairly even, where you can choose a little in favor of the Depor since he plays at home and his last encounters you can see improvement of game and face to goal.Good luck to those who follow me I hope it's a positive result. Let's go for the green ...
    © Andrey
  • Leganes vs Eibar BETTING TIPS / 18.12.2016 662x372a_06193240eibar-1-

    Betting tips for Leganes vs Eibar

    We go with the game between Leganés and Éibar and we are going to bet that both get at least one goal in the match.They are two teams that are doing a good campaign, especially the Éibar that marches in a surprising eighth position with 22 points practically 2 thirds of what it needs for the salvation that is its main goal and a Leganés that has not had much to adapt To the maximum category and although he knows that his destiny is to suffer, until the day of the date and after 15 disputed days, never has been in positions of descent.If we look at the background of these two teams, in the 3 of the last 5 games that have played have scored both goals.In this season the Éibar is synonymous of goal since in 8 of its last 10 meetings have obtained goal.Leganés, meanwhile, is a daring team as he has demonstrated against top-level rivals and has been able to score teams like Barcelona, ​​Sevilla and Valencia.Our bet is confident that regardless of who is taking the match, both go out to bid the year wanting to play and get the more goals better.
    © Russel

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