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Our soccer passionate experts help you bet with viable picks and advice. Here you can follow our soccer picks for Spanish La Liga Primera. Our 007soccerpicks team offers proper tools for bettors to make their decisions before betting on soccer matches. Throughout the Liga season our experts analyse all the games that are played. You can safely follow our La Liga picks. On this page you are viewing the best picks of the moment based on a complete analysis carried out by our team and on all the statistics on rankings, confrontations, last results, and also the last news on the teams in question.

  • Eibar – Atletico Madrid PREDICTION & PREVIEW (07.01.2017) Eibar-Atletico-Madrid-preview

    Prediction for Eibar - Atletico Madrid

    GoodWe go with this bet to the simple victory of Atletico Madrid against Eibar.After all that has surrounded the current set of mattress seems that there is something more stability after confirming that Simeone is going to stay. I think they will start the very strong year with the slogan of winning it all since the squad is capable of it and they must espabilar to climb positions in the table.Both teams play match day 3 with the difference that the Atleti makes a plane trip to the Canary Islands while the Eibar travels to Pamplona. I think there is enough rest and the fact that Atletico Madrid is more accustomed to playing more than one game a week is a point in their favor. In addition they have a wider staff so even though there is rotation they have more than enough to cover all competitions.The local set is 8th in the table with 23 points while Atletico is 6th with 28 points. As local Eibar has won 17 points and Atletic 11 as a visitor. We all know that Ipurúa is not an easy field and more this year but I think that Simeone's have a much better squad and should start sprinting if they do not want to stay out of the Champions League, talking about the league is something else.As for H2H, the rojiblancos have won Eibar in the four matches in the first division.
    © Andrey
  • Real Madrid vs Granada CF BETTING TIPS / 07.01.2017 Real-Madrid-Granada-CF

    Betting tips for Real Madrid vs Granada CF

    Well we are going with the first game of 2017 for the leader of first division and the penultimate classified.I have no doubts when it comes to betting on Real Madrid and more in the Bernabeu against a team that is not getting good results in what we have of the season, but as here is not the case we are going to look at the goals of both teams In the Bernabeu.19.09.15 LL Real Madrid Granada 1: 0 Goal min 55 05.04.15 LL Real Madrid Granada 9: 1 Goal min 25 25.01.14 LL Real Madrid Granada 2: 0 Goal min 56 02.09.12 LL Real Madrid Granada 3: 0 Goal min 26 07.01.12 LL Real Madrid Granada 5: 1 Goal min 20The Granada in the last 5 days has managed to add 5 points of the 9 that takes in 16 days played, so I want to say that the team seems to be improving and if we add to this we will get an alignment of 5-4-1 It is very possible that they put in difficulties the attacks of the premises since it is as more uncomfortable is Real Madrid when they see so many players together struck back. On the other hand to say that with a single man in attack it is very difficult to surprise Real Madrid so I do not see him scoring and less before 18 minutes.Real Madrid has all his men available less Bale for injury and I do not expect them to manage to score as soon as if it is not for a genius of Isco or Modrid who are the only two who can get a good pass between so many players through, it is impossible To mark so early.Granada in the camp nou managed to maintain his goal in about 48 minutes, here we are looking for only 18 with a team that is needed and will do everything possible to try to score in the bernabeu.It seems to me a very good quota for so few minutes played by what we are going to try with a stake 3.
    © Russel
  • Real Madrid – Granada CF PREDICTION & PREVIEW (07.01.2017) Real-Madrid-Granada-CF-preview

    Prediction for Real Madrid - Granada CF

    Hi guysI wanted to try this quota that for my taste is disproportionate, and I explain the reason.On the one hand, Madrid will come from playing a game predictably hard against Sevilla, after the winter holidays and with the polvorones in the crop. I do not think they are 200%, or that they get plugged in before a team like Granada.The Andalusians in contrast, despite not playing cup, and therefore, play the first game of the year against Madrid at the Bernabeu, I think they will come much more predisposed to burn everything they have.If we add that lately the Granada had improved quite defensively, we find that the quota is really above reality.I think that a bet like this has part of luck and part of logic, besides the statistical factor, from which soccer tendencies are extracted like these:* Real Madrid (local): Result Repeat / Final most repeated - Tie / Win and Win / Win equally (3 of 8)* Granada (away): Result Longest Run / Final - Draw / Lose (3 of 8)* 2 of the last 3 meetings Real Madrid - Granada finished with tie to rest and final victory of MadridFor all of this, I expect a serious game behind the Granada (I hope Ochoa I do not lie) and hold it until the break, and that in the second part will be imposed logic.
    © Andrey
  • Espanyol vs Deportivo La Coruna BETTING TIPS / 06.01.2017 Espanyol-Deportivo-La-Coruna

    Betting tips for Espanyol vs Deportivo La Coruna

    We finally go with the Spanish league after the Christmas break, day 17 between Spanish and Deportivo de la Coruña.Prognosis: Over 2.5 goals, in exchange for a super-rated 2.35 in Luckia.Arguments:1- Deceptive party between the 9th (Spanish) and the 15th (Depor), since its position in the table gives us as a favorite for the victory to the local team, Spanish, but if we analyze more closely we see that they separate only 6 points.2- The Spanish, comes from falling eliminated by the Alcorcón to lose in his stage 1-2, and was previously thrashed 4-1 by Barça in the derby of the city.3 - Depor against came back 1-0 against the first leg of the Copa del Rey against Betis, which finally eliminated after the return leg at the home of the Sevillians endorsing a 3-1. In addition he seems to have found his game for 4 games in which he thrashed 5-1 to a very strong real Sociedad, to face Real Madrid in his stadium where he lost in the discount 3-2, then win against Osasuna without conceding a goal ( 2-0).4- In short and analyzing more in depth we can see that it can be a match in which you can take the 3 points either of the two, so we will try to get the green this time with an overture that seems likely seeing the golaverages after 16 (20:22 Spanish) and (22:27 Depor), averaging 1.25 goals scored and receiving the same or more in the case of Spanish, and the Depor exceeds those averages, something very in the line of our bet .5- Finally note that in the last 10 games played by both scored 3 or more goals in 50% of the Spanish, and 60% of those played by the Depor, that is, practically a 50% probability To hit, but that is paid a very high fee for an event with probability 50%, hence our bet.Luck!!!!!!!!!
    © Russel
  • Espanyol – Deportivo La Coruna PREDICTION & PREVIEW (06.01.2017) Espanyol-Deportivo-La-Coruna-preview

    Prediction for Espanyol - Deportivo La Coruna

    Good afternoon mates. We are now going to the match ahead of day 17 of the Santander league to be played next day 6 at 19:45 hours at RCDE Stadium.The bet is that both can NOT score. In Bet365 it is to 1.80 when in the majority of the houses round 1.70.On one side we have Espanyol, a team clearly under, very rocky and unable to make many goals. It began doubting, but Quique Sanchez Flores has set a serious block and difficult to get his hand. Espanyol have been eliminated from the Copa del Rey, so they will have all the time in the world to prepare this match.If we look at the statistics of the parakeets at home, we see that in 5 of the 8 league games played, did not score the two teams. And of the 3 matches where they both scored, some went against Sporting with Cop's goal in 92, another was 3-3 with Eibar, total charge in that match and goal insanity, and 2-2 against Malaga In the first day of the league. Far away is that game, now Espanyol has washed his face and look closely at the squares of Europa League.The Depor in the truth is that lately is seeing in games of many goals, and quality has plenty to go up steps in the standings. He has Cup match 3 days before against Alavés, serious team, and I do not think he can save much if he wants to play the tie.The Depor as a visitor of 9 games, in 5 did not score both.If we look at the clashes between both teams, in none of the last 9 matches they managed to score the two teams. All matches under and with local wins or draws.So let's go with stake 2 to her.A greeting and for the green.
    © Andrey

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