English Premier League Picks

England Premier League Picks

We have been offering picks for the English Premier League for a long time with amazing results. Our predictions are unique and different to other sports betting providers.

The English Premier League is one of the world’s most competitive league and to bet in a game we must have knowledge of the history of this league and know who are the best teams. At 007SoccerPicks we have extensive experience taking bets on the English Premier League. We have the technology, experience and knowledge to know what are the best games with the best potential to bet and win.

The English Premier League is full of a lot of volatility.. It is a soccer league with many divisions, this means that there are lot of games to bet but not all of them are good choices to make a bet. In 007SoccerPicks we take care of eliminating games that are not safe for betting and we only focus on the best opportunities.

  • Watford vs Tottenham BETTING TIPS / 01.01.2017 Watford-Tottenham-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Watford vs Tottenham

    Before yesterday's discharge away against Southampton Tottenham had a goal difference of 10-7 in the first 8 away games this season. They prefer to play defensive football when on the move and I expect also that the New Year's match will be a close fight where Tottenham will certainly be the game live, but where we will see the London law play a cautious game. Watford are not particularly målglada when they play at home and the most tyde that this will be a målfattig history. I think Tottenham hooks on the top and ivnner this match with 0-1, 0-2.
    © Russel
  • Watford – Tottenham PREDICTION & PREVIEW (01.01.2017) Watford-Tottenham-preview

    Prediction for Watford - Tottenham

    Watford and Tottenham are meeting the expectations they had raised earlier this season. Watford, who are drawn in front of Crystal Palace (1-1) because they are in the middle of the table, with twenty-two points, eight ahead of the relegation positions and fourteen of the European positions, Tottenham, ranked fifth and who thrashed home Wednesday at Southampton (1-4). Watford improved at home with four wins, two draws and three losses, and the Spurs, despite their big win on Wednesday, are stepping clear of White Harte Lane with three wins, four draws and two home defeats.Tottenham are fifth in Southampton (1-4). Watford has 14 points less than Tottenham. The Spurs have only lost two away games this season. The Watford arrives to the duel without undue urgencies, reason why it is not going to be locked up trying to defend the initial tie without goals. Tottenham is superior to Watford and will come as a favorite, and although a match will not surprise anyone the odds are so overturned to visitors that it is not worth betting for the double visitor, so the most logical bet is the simple foreign win .
    © Andrey
  • Arsenal vs Crystal Palace BETTING TIPS / 01.01.2017 Arsenal-Crystal-Palace-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Arsenal vs Crystal Palace

    Very good bet we found in the match that will face the Arsenal and Crystal Palace.Arsenal are fourth with 37 points. The same points have the third and 39, the second. It is 4 points from fifth place. So far it has a balance of 6 wins, 2 draws and 1 single loss that was in the first day. Out of his stadium he has chained 2 losses in a row but at home he is almost intractable.The Crystal Palace is seventeenth with 16 points. It is only 2 points from the downhill positions. It has a balance of 4 losses, 3 draws and 1 victory. Highlight that he has not won outside his stadium for 6 games. All this and has only played against "one of the greats", Tottenham.Obviously, we anticipate a match where Arsenal will lead the baton and will win as indicated by the odds in their favor. This is why we see a lot of value over the corners in favor of the Crystal Palace. It is very likely that we will reach the rest with a marker favorable to Arsenal or even earlier. In the situation that is, the visitor has only to fight and fight. Once you are already losing, you only have to go upstairs and try to score as you can. In case Arsenal does not advance in the scoreboard, our team is not lousy either. Promoted 51% possession out of his stadium by 56.5% of Arsenal as a local. It could do harm equally. However, we believe that this situation will not occur.Let's look at the statistics:The Arsenal fits an average of 4.33 corners per game. It is the team that most corners fit the top 6 teams in the standings. Of the 9 matches played we would have the green in 5 of them. Of the 4 reds, in 2 games they arrived with a result of tie at the end of the party. In 1 of the 2 they scored in 94 and in the other they finished in a draw. The other two reds are against Chelsea and against Tottenham. Chelsea won 3-0 and Chelsea took 0 corners. Rare, the truth. Against Tottenham the match ended with a draw.The Crystal Palace averages 6.11 corners in favor as a visitor, becoming the fifth team that most corners out of their stadium. Get more corners than Chelsea and Manchester United, to give us an idea. Of its 9 disputed parties, we would obtain the green in 8 of them. Being red a party that were winning until the 71 minute that tied them. The match ended in a tie to 1.Luck !
    © Russel
  • Arsenal – Crystal Palace PREDICTION & PREVIEW (01.01.2017) Arsenal-Crystal-Palace-preiew

    Prediction for Arsenal - Crystal Palace

    Let's go for the match that will face Arsenal and Crystal Palace.Arsenal are fourth with 37 points. It has the same points as the third and is 2 of the second. It has a balance of 6 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss that was in the first day against Liverpool.The Crystal Palace is seventeenth with 16 points. It is located 2 points from the downhill. He has a balance of 4 losses, 3 draws and 2 wins. He has 6 games as a visitor without winning.We anticipate that the Arsenal will win relatively comfortable, as the quotas indicate. However, Crystal City, despite occupying the last positions is not a lousy visitor. We believe that once they reach the final 15 or more final minutes, due to their delicate situation in the standings, they will try to do some damage to their rival; And from there will come the corner that we need.Arsenal, despite taking the top positions, fits up to 4.33 corners per game. It is the team that most corners fits the top 6. Of the 9 matches played in his stadium, in 6 we would have the green. In the 3 reds they reached the final minutes tying. Two ended in a draw and the other scored Arsenal in 87. In every game that Arsenal has come to win in the final 15 minutes, their rival has drawn 1 or more corners in the interval that we manage.The Crystal Palace averages 6.11 corners in favor as a visitor. It is the fifth team with more corners in favor. Of the 9 matches played, in 6 of them we would get the greens. In the 3 reds, they arrived tying or winning in the final 15 minutes. In all the parties that lost losing to the 76 min, there was at least 1 corner for his part.
    © Andrey
  • Liverpool vs Manchester City BETTING TIPS / 31.12.2016 Liverpool-Manchester-City-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Liverpool vs Manchester City

    Very important match for both teams so that Chelsea will not escape in the fight for the Premier League 2016-17.I doubt that any team speculate and they will come out for all, they are not worth the tie. I predict a game with many attacks and possibility of corners.Liverpool stats at home:10-09-2016 Liverpool 1 - 7 Leicester 24/09/2016 Liverpool 13 - 2 Hull 17-10-2016 Liverpool 3 - 1 Man United 10/22/2016 Liverpool 3 - 2 West Brom 11-06-2016 Liverpool 6 - 3 Watford Liverpool Liverpool 9 - 4 Sunderland 11-12-2016 Liverpool 11 - 4 West Ham 27-12-2016 Liverpool 8 - 2 StokeStats de corners City outside:20-08-2016 Stoke 7 - 7 Man City 10-09-2016 Man United 4 - 4 Man City 24/09/2016 Swansea 2 - 7 Man City 02-10-2016 Tottenham 4 - 3 Man City 10/29/2016 West Brom 1 - 7 Man City 19-11-2016 Crystal Palace 2 - 7 Man City 11/26/2016 Burnley 5 - 8 Man City 10-12-2016 Leicester 3 - 11 Man City 26-12-2016 Hull 4 - 7 Man CityThe statistics are not quite favorable but I am of the opinion that statistics know more bookies than we do. I think that in those statistics Liverpool and City many times already had the match controlled and there was no possibility of corners. However on the 31st, in my opinion the game will be much more difficult until the end, which is one of the keys in the corners bets since in the last minutes many corners are awarded.I bet the over 10.5 total, hopefully it will come out.
    © Russel

Premier League Picks

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The English Premier League was founded on February 20, 1992 according to the decision that the FA Premier League Football League First Division teams who wanted the abolition of the old competition created The Football League in 1888 for plotting a more profitable in terms of television rights.

Since then The Premier League has become the most watched football league in the world. The EPL is the most profitable league, total profits reached £ 2 billion each season. It is currently on the first place of UEFA hierarchy based on performance in European Cups in the last 5 years, followed by the Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga.

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Our service at 007SoccerPicks is different because we focus on sports betting quality for English Premier League. We always seek the best information, statistics and data to analyze the games.

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