English Premier League Picks

England Premier League Picks

We have been offering picks for the English Premier League for a long time with amazing results. Our predictions are unique and different to other sports betting providers.

The English Premier League is one of the world’s most competitive league and to bet in a game we must have knowledge of the history of this league and know who are the best teams. At 007SoccerPicks we have extensive experience taking bets on the English Premier League. We have the technology, experience and knowledge to know what are the best games with the best potential to bet and win.

The English Premier League is full of a lot of volatility.. It is a soccer league with many divisions, this means that there are lot of games to bet but not all of them are good choices to make a bet. In 007SoccerPicks we take care of eliminating games that are not safe for betting and we only focus on the best opportunities.

  • Southampton vs West Brom BETTING TIPS / 31.12.2016 Southampton-West-Brom-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Southampton vs West Brom

    I continue with my particular study on over and under (0.5) in the first half, this time analyzing English Premier League matches that will be played over the next three days.For this study I have analyzed the following commitments: Southampton vs Tottenham Hull City vs Everton Burnley vs Sunderland Chelsea vs Stoke Leicester vs West Ham Manchester Utd vs Middlesbrough Southampton vs West Brom Swansea vs Bournemouth Liverpool vs Manchester CityWhat I have analyzed basically is the number of times these teams get an over 0.5 in the first half and in how many games the shock goes 0-0 to the break. I have differentiated between when they have played locally and when they have played as a visitor and after adding the values ​​and establishing a probability I have determined, based on the statistics, which are the games in which the over 0.5 in the first half is more Probable and in which it is less improbable.So, my study has indicated that of the parties previously exposed, the shock that is most likely to end 0-0 at the break is Southampton vs West Brom, where the probability of under 0.5 is given to rest Is 55.09% compared to the 44.91% chance of being over 0.5 in the first half. With these numbers, it would be logical to think that the odds would be even, but again, we see that bookmakers do not usually have the statistics in mind and set general odds (1.44 in favor of over 0.5 and 2.62 a Favor of under).Analyzing a little the numbers we see that Southampton has seen as in their games there has been at least one goal to rest in 58.82% of the matches, compared to 41.18% of the matches where the result has been 0 -0 at rest. However, if we look only at Southampton matches as a local, the statistics are clearly favorable to Under, as 62.50% of the games that Southampton have played at home in the league this season have gone 0-0 To the rest, whereas only in the 37.50% of the occasions there has been at least one goal in those parties.His rival, the West Brom, sees in their games there are goals to rest on 50% of the occasions, that is, exactly half, however, if you play at home, these numbers are more favorable, even more so, To under, because 66.67% of the games that play at home has been given 0.5 to rest, compared to 33.33% of those matches where the over has been given.I think it is clear that the odds of over occurring are lower than under (to the numbers above I refer), and therefore I consider a bet with much value this bet of under 0.5 in the first half in this Southampton v West Bromwich to a 2.62 share in William Hill.
    © Russel
  • Southampton – West Brom PREDICTION & PREVIEW (31.12.2016) Southampton-West-Brom-preview

    Prediction for Southampton - West Brom

    They bid farewell to this year Southampton and West Bromwich, two sets of the middle zone Premier. With the absence of the match against Tottenham the home team has four games in a row without knowing the defeat, the entry into the starting lineup of Rodriguez has given Puel's team a lot of depth, that has raised him to the eighth place that although far from square European also keeps him a long way from the downhill, that position is supposed to give tranquility to the locals and wanting to close the year giving good image before their fans, giving them a psychological advantage, take as a venue a single defeat of eight games, and Was against the unstoppable Chelsea, Bromwich by his side has chained two defeats in a row, yet his position is quiet on the leaderboard, may have some lack of tension in this match. With a half day, the bet has a certain risk, although that share of 1.7 seems more than generous, worth the risk, I would not give a stake below the 5 to this meeting.
    © Andrey
  • Leicester vs West Ham BETTING TIPS / 31.12.2016 Leicester-West-Ham-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Leicester vs West Ham

    Leicester City and West Ham were two of the main animators of the last edition of the Premier League, although at present its reality is very different. The last champions 'Zorros' fell to 0-2 against Everton in their last match and need to take on the path of victory to ensure their permanence. That is why the Mahrez, Vardy and company need to retake the forcefulness that led them to qualify last season to get three very valuable points. West Ham has its weapons. When Payet is careful as an orchestra conductor, the team rejuvenates old laurels and becomes a cumbersome and deep rival when it comes to playing. In this way, "the hammers" have won three consecutive victories and at least momentarily get out of the stands of the descent resting in the middle of the table. However he can not rest on his laurels and must continue to score. From the last 5 clash between them at home to Leicester City, they have won 1 tied 3 and lost 1Leicester City - West Ham. 2-2 Leicester City - West Ham. 1-1 Leicester City - West Ham. 2-1 Leicester City - West Ham. 1-2 Leicester City - West Ham. 0-0Good luck and for the Green !! 😉
    © Russel
  • Leicester – West Ham PREDICTION & PREVIEW (31.12.2016) Leicester-West-Ham-preview

    Prediction for Leicester - West Ham

    Premier League match against Leicester City and West Ham United. Bet on "More than 2.5 goals and Both Score".Leicester City, which is far from last year's version, ranks 16th with 17 points (only 3 points above the drop and 16 points from a goal that seems unreachable, return to Europe). Away from home is a disaster, although as local continues to give war (last season was where he became an almost unbeatable team), fails to make a difference in the games. It comes from losing 0-2 against Everton in a somewhat bland and unlikely game for both teams, winning Everton without generating much more danger than Leicester but if he had greater success. As a local has 15 goals in favor and 10 against, an average of 2.77 goals per game, having been green "Over 2,5 and both score" in 5 of these 9 matches. 2 of the 4 matches in which he was red were 0-0 (against Arsenal in 2 nd Matchday and Southampton, both matches in which the visiting team dominated). While the 3º Over 2,5 without both scored (Leicester won 3-0 to Burnley - the worst away team to add only 1 point) and the 4th last league game that finished 0-2 for Everton .West Ham is 11th with 22 points. Away from home takes 2V-2E-5D and 14GF and 18GC (average of 3.55 goals per game). In 7 of their 9 parties there were Over 2,5 and both scored, being red 0-1 before the Crystal Palace (match with failed penalty in favor of the Crystal Palace when they went 0-1 and with a red one for the WestHam in the min 75) and a 2-0 win over Everton (with chances for both teams). West Ham has conceded a goal in 8 of the 9 matches and scored in 8 of the 9. It is, without doubt, the key to this bet. It is a team that plays well against the counterattack and takes advantage of his opportunities to stop. He does not usually have the possession in the games or the greater number of occasions and, possibly, he is of the equipment that takes advantage of the same ones. Leicester City if it is a team that like local prefer to carry the singing voice although it does not always obtain it. As a positive part, when it does not lead, it creates danger equally taking advantage of the local factor (which in the case of Leicester is quite noticeable, taking 2 points out of the house).Stake 2.5. The Over 2.5 for this match is almost certain by the fact that they mark both. I doubt the game will end 3-0, 0-3 - or a bigger result without one of the two fitting goal. The Leicester should be able to lead the singing voice in the game, which certainly may imply some goal against. We only have to wait for both teams to take their chances. The danger may also be in West Ham. Although I doubt it, if for some reason does not have enough occasions and does not take advantage of the few that have, we would end up seeing the red.If on your usual betting page, or if you do not have an account at bet365, there is the Over 2.5 I recommend the same way (currently the odds are 1.9). If you prefer, you always have the "Both Marks", which is also a good fee.
    © Andrey
  • Manchester United vs Middlesbrough BETTING TIPS / 31.12.2016 Manchester-United-Middlesbrough-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Manchester United vs Middlesbrough

    Argument very similar to that for Chelsea in this day 19 of the Premier in Old Trafford that faces the ManU and Boro of Karanka.Party that I trust in that the ManU is carried, I do not follow cholo1979 because I understand that you can win a little more by risking the null in case of victory for the least or Partypat because although I liked his forecast in case of victory Local ManU has already fucked me a few this season, then I prefer to cover myself just in case. Because I believe and believe that the ManU won, apart from the reasons cited are the following:- The main reason is that football is a game of sensations and streaks and the ManU seems to have started theirs counting their last 4 games for victories.- In this same line, if something was missing the ManU was goal and Zlatan is back.- I think Mithkayran along with Ander and Pogba is the key that he needed to carbure this Manu from Mourinho, since he has returned Mith in 3 games Man of the MAthc- Difference of category and template the ManU has spent all that requested Mou and more, Boro is a newly promoted.- The level of confidence, to get into the European fight at the close of the first round.- Playing in the theater of dreams intimidates newly promoted like Boro, another factor that plays in our favor.- Do not forget that if they win by the minimum we cover ourselves.- Since 2007 Boro does not score in Premier at Old TraffordRegards, and we are going with the Reds Devils
    © Russel

Premier League Picks

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The English Premier League was founded on February 20, 1992 according to the decision that the FA Premier League Football League First Division teams who wanted the abolition of the old competition created The Football League in 1888 for plotting a more profitable in terms of television rights.

Since then The Premier League has become the most watched football league in the world. The EPL is the most profitable league, total profits reached £ 2 billion each season. It is currently on the first place of UEFA hierarchy based on performance in European Cups in the last 5 years, followed by the Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga.

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Our service at 007SoccerPicks is different because we focus on sports betting quality for English Premier League. We always seek the best information, statistics and data to analyze the games.

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