English Premier League Picks

England Premier League Picks

We have been offering picks for the English Premier League for a long time with amazing results. Our predictions are unique and different to other sports betting providers.

The English Premier League is one of the world’s most competitive league and to bet in a game we must have knowledge of the history of this league and know who are the best teams. At 007SoccerPicks we have extensive experience taking bets on the English Premier League. We have the technology, experience and knowledge to know what are the best games with the best potential to bet and win.

The English Premier League is full of a lot of volatility.. It is a soccer league with many divisions, this means that there are lot of games to bet but not all of them are good choices to make a bet. In 007SoccerPicks we take care of eliminating games that are not safe for betting and we only focus on the best opportunities.

  • Liverpool – West Ham PREDICTION (11.12.2016) Liverpool-West-Ham-prediction

    Prediction for Liverpool - West Ham

    Meeting in Anfield between Liverpool vs West Ham of the Premier League day 15. On the one hand the local Liverpool arrives to lose against Bournemouth 4-3, local has 16 points out of 18 possible, placing in place 3 of the table his last formation was a 4-3-3, with a percentage of 60% Possession of the ball. Well we go with the counterpart West Ham who come from losing 1-5 against Arsenal, visit have 4 points from 21 possible.Situating in place 17 of the table his last formation used was 3-4-2-1, with a 50% possession of the ball. After the summary of the numbers we go with the because I consider that we can have goals on both doors. We go with the local who are having a great season are the second best offensive at home with 19 goals in 6 games, scoring in 5 of those 6 and received goal in 4, have the seventh best goalscorer of the league Sadio Mané with 7 goals . We continue with the visitor who look like a walking hospital with so many casualties one of the most sensitive is that of Michail Antonio who has 6 scoring, have received goals in 6 of 7 away games and scored in 6 as well, are the third worst defender outside Of his stadium allowing 15 goals in 7 matches. In short a team with a powerful offensive against one of the worst defenses but with an offense that produces away from home I think it will give us results on both doors, luck to whoever decides to follow.
    © Andrey
  • Manchester United VS Tottenham BETTING TIPS / 11.12.2016 Manchester-United-Tottenham-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Manchester United VS Tottenham

    Hello!! The intensity that transmits Mourinho to his players is reflected this season in the number of cards that are receiving the players of Manchester United. In previous matches they had published the line of the equipment in +1.5, and although for this party Bet has decided to raise it, I think that even has more value since I hope that receive at least 2. Of the 14 days that have disputed of Premier League, they have surpassed this line in 9 occasions: AFC Bournemouth VS: 1 Card VS Southampton: 0 Cards Hull City VS: 3 Cards VS Manchester City: 4 Cards Watford VS: 4 Cards VS Leicester City: 0 Cards VS Stoke City: 3 Cards Liverpool VS: 4 Cards Chelsea VS: 2 Cards VS Burnley: 3 Cards Swansea City VS: 2 Cards VS Arsenal: 3 Cards VS West Ham: 3 Cards Everton VS: 3 cards The first two games of the season with few reprimands, and from there, players like Rooney (4), Ibra (4) or Pogba (4) are being reprimanded with relative ease. Fellaini, who seems to count for Mou even starting from the bench, is the most reckoned player with 6. Even Mou himself was sent off a few days ago against West Ham in what was his second sanction of the season. He will return to the bench, so I also trust that the intensity he transmits to his players from the band is seen in the field with some action at the wrong time cutting a counterattack. In addition to this encounter returns Rooney after the sanction of a match, and in principle could play starting title Bailly (3 yellow). I also do not expect to see Manchester winning at the break (as happened against Leicester, where we saw no warning), so if the match is disputed and increasing tension, we could see the green in this bet. The referee of the match will be Bobby Madley: 58 yellow and 2 red in 12 games.
    © Jonah Picks
  • Manchester United vs Tottenham PREVIEW Manchester-United-Tottenham-preview

    Preview for Manchester United vs Tottenham

    Tense party in Old Trafford by the moments that live both teams, this one is market so much by the bad moment of these, internal problems as by European competition during week. - Manchester: he gets very far from the top of the standings with a team made to compete for the league and enter the Champions League. At the moment they have it raw as they continue so, it is true that they should play better but also it is that they are missing many points in the final stages for individual mistakes almost all, but another rooster would sing. They visit the Zorya on Thursday with a point to serve as a round so they should not have problems and surely Mou will give rest to several players as they face two days of Premier in just 4 days and are decisive for them if they want to try to get in In the fight. - Tottenham: They are not in a good race, they are having problems with the theme of playing matches at Wembley because it is a bigger stadium, as both players and fans want to play at White Hart Line. Major drops like Arderweideld, Lamela and Janssen and a Kane that returns to the equipment recently. Dispute this Wednesday an important party to get into the Europa League, serves with the tie but the fact of losing it would leave outside of all European competition, therefore should not reserve much Pochettino. Once seen the states of both, I think that playing at Old Trafford is always a cardboard, a stadium that squeezes and a lot and having rival team players like Ibra, Pogba, Mata, Rooney, De Gea, etc. is always complicated and With a quota above the pair we must enter yes or yes. Good luck and for the green. Stake 2
    © Russel
  • Manchester United – Tottenham PREDICTION (11.12.2016) Manchester-United-Tottenham-prediction

    Prediction for Manchester United - Tottenham

    Matchday 15 between Manchester United and Tottenham. Encounter in which both teams need the victory to pursue their corresponding objectives and in which surely will be a party that will not leave anyone indifferent. - Manchester United did not live up to expectations at the beginning of the season to fight for the Premier. The team of Mourinho is proving to be a completely irregular team although in my opinion I do not think they are as bad as the statistics indicate. If we refer to their last matches we can see that they had the victory in their hands: - In the last case against Everton, Fellaini made a big mistake with two minutes left to finish the match which would have supposed United's victory almost certain. It is true that Everton had more opportunity to face the door but the set of Mourinho responded well defensively with the intention of retaining the result until the end. This is not to say that they did not keep trying to score another goal, as the difference between the two (both on and off) were two. "Against West Ham more of the same. The set of Mourinho managed to tie the game and his dominance in the field was abysmal. The error here was to waste clear chances of goal but is that West Ham goalkeeper Randolph also made his way to avoid the defeat of his team. We come back with another game in which the bad game did not predominate but the frustration of the players. -The last match I refer to was against Arsenal. Another clear match in which United made an incredible second and everything seemed to indicate that United were going to get the three points but in the last minutes of game an unfortunate action propitiated the goal of Arsenal. Mourinho himself said: "I think we are the most unfortunate team in the Premier League. Arsenal did nothing to win, I can not blame my players." In short, Manchester United is improving gradually and in two games, of the last three played and commented here, would have taken the victory if it were not for clear defensive errors of the "red devils". - As for Tottenham Pochettino, currently lives an irregular situation, since in the last 5 games has only won 2 wins with 2 draws and 1 defeat. So, in the first place, I do not think that the game is going to be a ride for this set nor much less take the victory of cap. Those of Pochettino know that they want to be among the first three and fight for it. Their elimination of the Europa League will allow them to focus more on league and prepare, especially, these parties so complicated. We have already seen how he thrashed Swansea last week 5-0 and without any doubt Tottenham has players to tackle any team. Once the situation of each team is detailed, the forecast is that they both score. Honestly, I think they will do so because of the following: -Manchester United is much stronger at home and, as is frequent in the league, has managed to put in his fiefdom at least one goal in every game except against Burnley in which they were 0-0. -The Tottenham wants to keep climbing positions and will not be back much less before the United of Mourinho. The two reasons that lead me to think that Tottenham will have at least one goal are that of all the times he has played outside his fief has managed to put at least one goal in all games less against Bournemouth, where they were 0-0. The other reason is that United is sure to have some mistake in defense that allows the goal of the Spurs as usual. In short, teams hungry for points and as we see they want to leave the pavilion high and not be content with the draw and I generate few doubts that both will not put in knowing that United at home is stronger but that Tottenham is not Wrinkles away from home and could take advantage of some other United defensive error. Luck!
    © Andrey
  • Chelsea VS West Brom BETTING TIPS / 11.12.2016 Chelsea-West-Brom-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Chelsea VS West Brom

    Chelsea is currently in the leading position in the Premiership. They have 34 points and a goal difference of 32:11. In the past three rounds were won by nine points. They won 0-1 at Middlesbrough, then they beat Tottenham 2-1, while in the last round with 1-3 were better than Man City. At its stadium have a ratio of 6-0-1 and a goal difference of 20: 4th WBA is in 7th place. They have 20 points and a goal difference of 20:17. In the past three rounds were won by seven points. They won 4-0 against Burnley, then played 1-1 away against Hull City, while in the last round with a 3-1 win Watford. On the road have a ratio of 2-3-2 and a goal difference of 7: 7.
    © Jonah Picks

Premier League Picks

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The English Premier League was founded on February 20, 1992 according to the decision that the FA Premier League Football League First Division teams who wanted the abolition of the old competition created The Football League in 1888 for plotting a more profitable in terms of television rights.

Since then The Premier League has become the most watched football league in the world. The EPL is the most profitable league, total profits reached £ 2 billion each season. It is currently on the first place of UEFA hierarchy based on performance in European Cups in the last 5 years, followed by the Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga.

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Our service at 007SoccerPicks is different because we focus on sports betting quality for English Premier League. We always seek the best information, statistics and data to analyze the games.

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