English Premier League Picks

England Premier League Picks

We have been offering picks for the English Premier League for a long time with amazing results. Our predictions are unique and different to other sports betting providers.

The English Premier League is one of the world’s most competitive league and to bet in a game we must have knowledge of the history of this league and know who are the best teams. At 007SoccerPicks we have extensive experience taking bets on the English Premier League. We have the technology, experience and knowledge to know what are the best games with the best potential to bet and win.

The English Premier League is full of a lot of volatility.. It is a soccer league with many divisions, this means that there are lot of games to bet but not all of them are good choices to make a bet. In 007SoccerPicks we take care of eliminating games that are not safe for betting and we only focus on the best opportunities.

  • Leicester – Everton PREDICTION & PREVIEW (26.12.2016) Leicester-Everton-prediction-preview

    Prediction for Leicester - Everton

    Good Morning. Seeing the odds and I'm going with my first bet of Boxing Day in the Premier. I see it feasible to enter the victory of Leicester in the match that will host Everton.Low:- Leicester will be without either Christian Fuchs or Robert Huth with a penalty shootout or Vardy who will be 3 games without playing for their expulsion in the final game against Stoke City. Drinkwater is doubtful for inconvenience.- Everton will not be able to count on Bolasie for a serious injury, nor Besic who will continue for 2 months in the dry dock. Kone is close to returning as McCarthy and Stekelenburg had to retire early in the game against Liverpool and will be doubtful for Monday.We talk about the 2 teams:- Leicester: The Foxes are 15th with 17, 3 more than the mark of the descent that puts it now Sunderland. Despite losing their top scorer for Boxing Day, the team has other strikers who could add goals to their team like Slimani who has 4 goals, Musa scores 2 goals, Okazaki another 2 goals and Ulloa scored his first goal Season in the draw against Stoke City.Drinkwater could return and it would be great news to have a better control of the ball besides being a good header in the plays to stop still in addition that Schmeichel already returned the last day to the goal, one more insurance to be able to return to the path of the Victory against a team in low hours.Despite the bad season liguera of the current champions, at home are not doing anything wrong. 4 wins, 3 draws and 1 single loss is his record in the King Power.- Everton: They are 9th with 23 points, 13 of them achieved in the first 5 days. The toffees come from adding a painful defeat in the Merseyside derby against Liverpool by 0-1 with Origi's goal in 94, although it is true that Liverpool had a 76% possession in the second half and where the Injuries to McCarthy and Stekelenburg did not help Everton precisely. Koeman right now is very questioned and if it was not for the win weekdays Arsenal could have packed easily. They only have 10 points in the last days where they only won the aforementioned Arsenal and West Ham. Against the Gunners they broke a drought of 2 months without winning. As visitors they add 2 victories, 1 tie and 5 defeats being the last 4 visits of the Everton counted like defeats:1. Burnley 2-1 Everton. 2. Chelsea 5-0 Everton. 3. Southampton 1-0 Everton. 4. Watford 3-2 Everton.The worst news for Everton was in the defeat against Watford where Bolasie was seriously injured and lost the rest of the season, he was clearly being the best Everton player. That lack of play was evident in the derby last Monday and it seems that this may be a season more drifting when he was much higher. They can still give thanks that Barkley was not expelled after a hard entrance to Henderson. Everton's big strength is Lukaku who adds 9 of the 21 goals of the team although to mark Schmeichel will not be easy for him. Leicester have only conceded 8 goals in the King Power, of which 7 have been with Zieler under sticks, only Crystal Palace was able to score Schmeichel at the Foxes.Between the bad moment of Everton and the goals that can still contribute the other strikers of Leicester I am going to venture with the local victory. Stake low since neither Huth nor Fuchs will be available in the rear of the premises. Stake 1 and lucky to follow me.
    © Andrey
  • Manchester United vs Sunderland BETTING TIPS / 26.12.2016 Manchester-United-Sunderland-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Manchester United vs Sunderland

    Let's go for the match to be played within 5 days. In this case, they will face Manchester United and Sunderland in the Premier League.The place is sixth with 30 points. It is located 3 points from European posts. In his stadium it is costing him to start, leaving a balance of 3 victories, 4 ties and 1 defeat. You need to win to get closer to the European posts. In case of losing and Tottenham won would be 6 points.For its part, Sunderland is eighteenth to 1 point only to leave the drop zone. Of losing could end the day being last. They are aware of the superiority of the rival, but the least they can do is fight the match knowing that Manchester United has not just achieved good results in their stadium. It is also a rather irregular team. In our opinion, it would not be unusual for Sunderland to comply with the commented line alone.Both teams are playing important things, therefore, we think they will overcome with relative ease the 3.5 cards.Let's look at the statistics:Manchester United is the Premier Card-holder team, averaging 2.53 cards per game. In his stadium he has seen 18 yellow cards 1 red in 8 games, averaging 2.25 yellow by 0.12 red. Of their 8 matches played at home we would have the green in 5 of them. Of which 4 green we have in the last 4 games played at home. You notice that things are not working too well and they are not in the area where they would like to be. Of the 3 reds, 2 were for a single card.Sunderland is the fifth highest team in the league with 2.35 cards per game. Outside his stadium he has seen 23 yellow cards and 2 red cards, averaging 2.87 yellow cards and 0.25 red cards. It is the team that has seen the most cards playing at home.The referee will be Lee Mason who averages 3.35 yellow cards. This season already refereed Sunderland as a visitor and there were 4 cards.Seeing how much they are playing both teams we think the line is a bit low. We also see interesting +4.5 cards at 3.30 share in Wh.Luck !
    © Russel
  • Manchester United – Sunderland PREDICTION & PREVIEW (26.12.2016) Manchester-United-Sunderland-preview-prediction

    Prediction for Manchester United - Sunderland

    We are going to Old Trafford, (united-sunderland) a game in which the red devils must confirm the improvement demonstrated previously after beating the palace and west brom as visitors and our bet is "handicap asiatico (united -2)"As an important fact, I must say that the past results of the united in old trafford are totally INMERECIDOS. The stoke city, burnley, west ham and arsenal are teams that have scratched a point in old trafford being absolutely overcome in situations of goals, corners, come on, that football has not been fair with those of mourinho.On the other hand the sunderland of moyes is a team whose goal is not to descend and is the worst plays of the premier, they are going to make it extremely difficult to take something positive of old trafford when those of mourinho come thrown and carry 8 consecutive days undefeated.Our men to facilitate the work of the bet are zlatan, martial, pogba, kills, summing up, gamblers over all the first one that has entered fully by the fight of the pichichi when it seemed that that was impossible.I predict a game in which those of mourinho constantly besiege the goalkeeper of sunderland, and if they take advantage of the multitude of occasions that will have us enter the Asian handicap -2 in favor of united.To win this bet, for example, it is worth the united win by 3 of difference, ex: 3-0, 4-1, etc. .. and if for example the united wins by two goals difference, eg: 3-1, 2-0, our bet would be void so we would be refunded the bet amount!I hope old trafford is a party to finish forgetting the consecutive draws that drove the red devils out of the title race.I personally love this bet but for the risk that the sunderland will appear the virgin and his goalkeeper will become neuer for one day, I will enter with stake 1.Lucky to follow!
    © Andrey
  • Chelsea vs Bournemouth BETTING TIPS / 26.12.2016 Chelsea-Bournemouth-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Chelsea vs Bournemouth

    Party corresponding to day 18 of the Premier League where they will play Chelsea and Bournemouth.On the local side;- Chelsea, the leader of the league, has a total of 43 of 51 possible. They have won 14 games, tied 1 and lost 2 scoring 35 goals and conceding only 11 being the team with the fewest goals against the league.- They have a 6-point advantage over Liverpool, 2 nd placed and down to potential candidates such as Manchester City (7 points below) or Manchester United (13 points below)- The Blues come to this meeting being the most shaped team of all major leagues. They have won 11 consecutive victories (I speak of league games) where they have managed to win at Etihad Stadium with authority, endorse a painful 4-0 to the team of Mourinho in Stamford Bridge or win 3-0 to the current champions of the Premier League, Leicester.- He is the 2nd best tenant in the league. He is only beaten by Tottenham, but the Spurs have 1 more game at home than Conte. In their 8 matches at Stamford Bridge they have won 7 and only 1 defeat (vs Liverpool 1-2) where they have scored 21 goals and conceded 4 (remember Liverpool have scored half of those goals).- 4 of those 7 local victories have been for at least 2 goals.- They have in their ranks with the maximum gunner of the league, Diego Costa, that takes 13 goals.On the visitor side;- Bournemouth occupy the 10th place of the championship with 21 points. They have won 6 wins, 3 draws and suffered 8 losses in which they have scored 23 goals and received 28.- His main goal this season is to maintain the category and if it can be with less trouble than last season. Right now they are in a very comfortable position as they have 7 points ahead of Sunderland, the first team that is in the relegation zone. Europe is already far behind, both in points (to 12 points) and in template to reach that dream for this equipment.- They reach this meeting with 2 wins and 3 losses in their last 5 league games.- The weakness of this team is to leave the Vitality Stadium because as visitors have only managed to get 5 points in 8 trips, being the 15th team in a league where only counted points outside his stadium. Away from Vitality they have won 1 win, 2 draws and 5 losses with just 7 goals in favor and 16 against.- 3 of those 5 losses have been for at least 2 goals.With that, I hope that the Blues take the match forward as easy as possible and avoid possible scares.Good luck.
    © Russel
  • Chelsea – Bournemouth PREDICTION & PREVIEW (26.12.2016) Chelsea-Bournemouth-prediction-preview

    Prediction for Chelsea - Bournemouth

    Premier League match where Chelsea's Antonio Conte and rl Bournemouth meet at Stamford Bridge. I will go with the double victory of the locals to the half part and the end. And the reasons are:1. Chelsea are looking for the title they did not get last year and they are already 6 points behind their maximum pursuer who is Liverpool.2. Chelsea are the best team as the local championship with a record of 7 wins and 1 loss, precisely against Liverpool. With 21 goals in favor and 4 against.3. The Bournemouth half-table team that lowers their numbers playing at home and that takes 1 win, 2 draws and 5 losses. With 7 goals in favor and 16 against.4. The Diego Costa form that has 13 goals in the league, 5 of them to open the score.Good luck to all and thank you.
    © Andrey

Premier League Picks

Help: On http://www.007soccerpicks.com/english-premier-league-picks/ we are posting all our favourite free picks for English Premier League (EPL). Our barclays premier league picks are usually focused on the following teams: Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Stoke City, Newcastle, West Ham United, Everton, Blackburn, Aston Villa, Leicester.

The English Premier League was founded on February 20, 1992 according to the decision that the FA Premier League Football League First Division teams who wanted the abolition of the old competition created The Football League in 1888 for plotting a more profitable in terms of television rights.

Since then The Premier League has become the most watched football league in the world. The EPL is the most profitable league, total profits reached £ 2 billion each season. It is currently on the first place of UEFA hierarchy based on performance in European Cups in the last 5 years, followed by the Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga.

Why our service is different?

Our service at 007SoccerPicks is different because we focus on sports betting quality for English Premier League. We always seek the best information, statistics and data to analyze the games.

We guarantee that our English Premier League picks will be loaded with quality and they will provide profit results in the short term for bettors if they follow all our predictions wisely.

We are updated with the best technology to be aware of any movement of the betting lines that are made within the English Premier League. It’s very important to have a panel to monitor any change in team lineups, forecast, news and any other information related to the game.

Earnings are insured

With our picks of the English Premier League you can have a much higher ROI than with other suppliers. We are focused on short term profit with our picks. Each of our picks in the English Premier League has our security seal that we can only offer at 007SoccerPicks.

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The advantages of our picks

The advantage number one is you can have confidence that our are English Premier League picks are quality. That is an important thing, with our quality picks you will be more relaxed when placing a bet.

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If you want the best picks to bet on the English Premier League you should use our tips, we guarantee profits and full details on each pick. All this in one place, in 007SoccerPicks, the best place to get picks, results, live matches of the English Premier League.

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