Monaco – Manchester City Prediction & Preview and Betting Tips (15.03.2017)


Prediction for Monaco – Manchester City

Win Monaco and both score goal @ 3.90

As you will almost all know, this week the last tickets are drawn, for the quarterfinals of the maximum European competition, on this occasion, I’m going to focus on what for me is the best match of the week, with permission from Leicester -Seville.


Already on the way I wanted to put something, with the idea that Monaco could give the surprise, finally could not be, but the party of the Monegascos was fantastic and only the lack of experience and nerves made the Final score was 5-3, remember that they went back in the first part the goal of the city, to go to the break in advantage, then had a penalty that Falcao failed for 3-1, tied and re-raised to score the 3rd goal and To return to command in the match, after the sung of the porter of the Monaco and already the final catastrophe.

By this I mean that the Monaco is a great team, which has already proven outside of France that is able to compete with the greats of other leagues, they are a very physical team that have a great ability to press, something that with the marker Against, should do from minute one and in fact in England already did.
The city today for a team of Guardiola, has no defenses able to leave the ball played, when the opponent presses up, Stones player signed for that purpose, is not fulfilling that role and in matches where they have been seen Pressed, have made enough mistakes.
Mistakes that will surely have occasion to take advantage of the fast players of the Monaco, this weekend have won their match with just, doing some rotations with the mind set on another comeback with surprise.

So if we all agree, Monaco to win at 2.60 at home, with an initial disadvantage of 2 goals and against a rival, who historically lowers much outside his stadium, looks like something quite possible.
And that mark both, which is paid at only 1.36 seems quite feasible, the city as a minimum I think I need to score a goal to pass round, personally I think if you do not score, will not be in quarters and also with total merit.

Manchester City

And if the combination of both quotas gives us a quota of 3.5 because there are already 40 cents extra, in case of success, as bwin is offering us 3.90 in this bet.

So seeing this extra that I found in the quota and that is also a bet that I see as possible, a quota of almost 4 euros with a Monaco that is strong, with a style of game conducive to do damage, a city that also Low enough outside the islands and that in this occasion, they also do not have the imperative need to win, since losing by the minimum would be in the quarterfinals, that if a 2-1 minimum, although my personal desire is that they pass The French.
Which also I think it can be good to play without pressure, all the opposite to the city that should be in trouble to close the tie, since it always costs to close and as in horse races, sometimes coming from behind, ends up being final.

High quota we lowered the stake, little to lose and much to gain.

So lucky and thanks to whom I trust.

© Andrey

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