Dortmund – Benfica Prediction & Preview and Betting Tips (08.03.2017)


Prediction for Dortmund – Benfica

Both will score and not tie @ 2.45

I’m going with another prognosis identical to the one I have in the Napoles against Real Madrid


I’ll explain why this bet:

-1ºFor very simple in the first leg played in Portuguese lands won the benfica 1-0 therefore b.dortmund is not worth the draw.

-2Creo that the favorite to pass is the German team but if anything I have clear is the offensive potential of the benfica to be able to make a goal, which would force dortmund to score 3 to pass the tie.

B.dortmund with 52GF is the second team that scored more goals in the bundesliga only b.minich with 57 goals they overcome them. In the domestic competition still does not know the defeat with 8G and 3E being with 28GF the most local 7 goals conceded.
In the group stage already showed offensive ability but also in 2 of the 3 games:
-b.dortmun-real madrid 2-2
-b.dortmund-s.lisboa 1-0
-b.dortmund-legia 8-4
This season has played in the signal iduna-park a total of 17 games in which managed to make some goal in 16 of them and fit in 10 giving the both marks in 10 and this forecast was given in 5 of them, the other 5 were Draws with goals but you have to remember that for this match would not be worth them.


Benfica comes with a 7-game winning streak including the first leg against dortmund.
They are the second team with 52GF that most in their league only the port with 53 has scored more than them, this season have played at home a total of 21 games in which they managed to score in 20 and fit goal in 11 of them giving The both score and do not tie in 7 of these games.
In the group stage already showed their potential offensive:

-napoli-benfica 4-2
-d.kiev-benfica 0-2
-besiktas-benfica 3-3

They have players to spare to be able to face dortmund and make him jimenez goal takes 5 goals mitroglou 13 jonas 5 and pizzi 9 goals.

Al b.dortmund is only worth winning but also think that benfica well can make goal which would force the Germans if they want to pass minimum elimination to win 3-1 since with the 2-1 is classified the benfica therefore I expect a match Of goals and that one of the 2 teams obtain the victory.

© Andrey

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