Club Brugge KV – Real Madrid Prediction & Picks (11.12.2019)


Club Brugge KV – Real Madrid SOCCER PICKS

Party where we will go with the victory of Real Madrid to rest and at the end.

In this match we find that we have Real Madrid classified and ppro what we can see that several substitutes appear on behalf of Real Madrid, we also have to play against Valencia and Barcelona in between, so players like Jovic, Brahim and other players less important appear in the starting lineup. Even with substitute players they are superior to this rival.

Real Madrid does not play anything but Bruges yes so I hope that Bruges can go out for all, Madrid has won the break and at the end 2 of the games played, in this it will be difficult but I would like to try the pick . In addition it does not have many players for injuries so we will see the eleven at the moment the fee seems very attractive. It comes from winning 1 game at the break and at the end of the two played.

Bruges comes from having nothing insured at the moment but seems to indicate that he will go to the Europa League with the victory of Real Madrid and PSG in the other match. He has currently lost 2 games at rest and at the end. Being 1 of them at home of the 2 played.

Hopefully we can see Madrid much higher in this match and get ahead soon in the match and we get to see that it adds 3 points.

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