Bayern Munich – Real Madrid Prediction & Preview and Betting Tips (12.04.2017)


Prediction for Bayern Munich – Real Madrid

Win Bayern Munich and Both mark @ 3.30

One of the Champions League quarter-finals facing Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.
Bet on “Win Bayern Munich and Both Score”.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is in great shape at this point of the season.
As a local, he does not know the defeat between all the competitions and, in league, it takes 44 goals in favor and only 5 against in 13 matches disputed like local. In Octavos he thrashed Arsenal (5-1) and during the Champions League group stage they won 3 matches (5-0 at Rostov, 4-1 at PSV and 1-0 at Atletico Madrid), beating the teams Lower level In his 3 draws as a local, we found that the problem was the lack of tack that caused the same, as he dominated the 3 games (2 of them clearly).

Bayern Munich will have a significant loss for Muller for this match, while Real Madrid will still not be able to count on Varane (a low that has already become accustomed to the team, having been injured since the end of February). Bayern is pure speed for the Alaba band, which complements the speed of Robben, the physique of Vidal and the power that always shows above Lewandoski, able to mark the central without any problem. Personally, the current Bayern squad, I think it can trash back Real Madrid and is that in this match should suffer a lot.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid continues to win their matches more by footing than by collective play, their black beast being the defender (and for me, a vital part of this prognosis). I can not see Real Madrid coming out of the Allianz Arena without conceding a minimum of 2 goals. Defensively Real Madrid is a disaster. With little, Napoli put Real Madrid in a pinch and throughout the group stage in the Champions League, they conceded a total of 6 goals in 3 away games (3 of them against Legia and 2 against Dortmund), also fitting 2 against Dortmund in the match he played at home. In all the games we see how the teams usually end up with obvious chances of goal, normally failing the quality of the striker when it comes to set. A team as low level as Legia, made it 1 goal playing Real Madrid as a local, but is that of 3-4 that had all were obvious occasions of goal (not forgetting that away from home he put 3 to Madrid, In which without a doubt was the most ridiculous of Madrid in what we have of Season).

This game is clear that it will be different to several of those who have already played, surely posing Real Madrid a more physical and defensive, trying to cut the ball to the exit (with this I want to remarking how bad Madrid has been defensively at Throughout the season). At home usually save the furniture but, outside the Santiago Bernabeu, is where worse face shows.

Although Real Madrid have scored in all the games that have played this season, there is no need to ignore that it has 12 consecutive matches away from home fitting goal (In Champions, Copa del Rey and Liga). This is a real barbarism for a Top World team like Real Madrid. More absurd is to see that in 6 of those 12 games, they got 2 or more goals (fitting 3 against Sevilla in the return of Copa del Rey).

So you can see the numbers clearly: away from home Real Madrid has only maintained the goal to 0 in 3 games played away from home this season (counting Copa del Rey, League and Champions League), horrible numbers.

Real Madrid have great hope for the strike they have in each game (something Bayern is not far behind, although they have failed to score in every game they have played this season, he has not only managed to score in 1 game, against Atletico Madrid away from home during the group stage) but this does not seem enough to be able to scratch a draw at home to Bayern.

The bet has its complication, since not only we need the victory of the Bayern (that part like favorite) but also that we need that fit a goal. Bayern sometimes abuse the ball and I think that Real Madrid can have chances to score at least 1 goal in this match. Although Bayern fit in a few matches at home, it will face a team that has fast players and dangerous players with a standing ball (if, for this match, everyone will have the “Sergio Ramos” factor).

For me the key is the defense of Real Madrid. Marcelo is doing a horrible season defensively and it costs him a lot to come down to defend. This, along with Carvajal, although defending well, rises too much to attack and that rival teams, due to the poor organization between the center of the field and the central, usually pass through the center of the field of Madrid to the area with all the tranquility of World, makes me think that Bayern Munich will have too many chances not to end up taking the first leg. The tricky part is that Bayern win and score both but, as I said before, I think Real Madrid should have several chances to score.

By last. Both have a relevant league game this Saturday. Real Madrid play derby against Atletico Madrid and Bayern will play their match against Dortmund. Both parties of great complication, reason why both will arrive in the same circumstances to the party (being slightly worse for the Madrid to have to travel but, unless it has injured relevant in the league parties, is a lesser evil).

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