B. Monchengladbach – Real Madrid PREDICTION (27.10.2020)


B. Monchengladbach – Real Madrid SOCCER PICKS

This is going by streaks, and I have the feeling that despite all the pain that Madrid has given against Cádiz and against Shakhtar, they will be left behind with the victory against Barcelona this weekend.

This Real Madrid has started with bad feelings, for a change. Many doubts and again discussed Zidane, where the lack of goal and the presence of players of a certain renown, after the absence of Hazard, where the feeling that remains is that there are no players but hey, it is still Madrid.

The bookies give us Madrid favorites, at a “European” quota that we can say.

I think that against this rival, it has a certain value, because although the Germans may be painted as a superior team, for example, Shakthar, in my opinion it is not such a thing. At least, a priori.

The Germans have started their participation in the Champions League with a 2-2 against Inter and will host Madrid after having beaten the last classified by 2-3 away from home in the league.

However, more than what the Germans can propose, it costs me a lot, a lot, to see Real Madrid not being able to win 1 of their first 2 games in the Champions group stage, where although it would not be at all Dramatic since his direct rivals, who we can say, have drawn, the truth is that after beating Barcelona (and this works like that) the panorama changes completely. At least that is the feeling that this type of confrontation leaves me where these 2 do not go well but the one who wins leaves the other screwed and this one forgets the problems.

It could also happen that Madrid trust themselves, thinking the same, that they are Madrid. However, they have a very good opportunity to cover up the criticism or at least postpone it, if they beat Barcelona and their Champions match (after defeat) with one stroke. And they are trained, even if they have a truly fair staff.

Analyzing historical, and others, for me it does not make sense right now.

My feeling, at least, is that Real Madrid I think will win the game and can do it with a difference of several goals, although we have seen the bad start to the season.

Anyway, moderation.

© Andrey

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