Sydney FC – WS Wanderers Prediction & Picks (28.02.2020)


Sydney FC – WS Wanderers SOCCER PICKS

Very good, match postponed by the rains in Australia, I already raised this pre-diagnosis for that day and as it was canceled I want to try it again.

The referee will be Alireza Faghani from Iran who has started directing games in the A-League this season. At the moment 13 games with 47 yellow, and as a curious fact is that in the game they played on day 3, the referee was the same and there were seven yellow, three for the Wanderers and four for Sydney, game in which the moment More cards has shown.

Sydney is not a team of many cards, but in the last meetings we have a bit of everything:

J12 vs City; direct red to Grant
J13 vs Adelaide: two yellow
J14 vs Jets: zero cards
J16 vs Victory: two yellow and one direct red
J17 vs Brisbane: zero cards
J20 vs Mariners: two cards

That said, a bit of everything and we would have part of the bet won in four of the last six games.

Seeing the alignment that can be drawn there are players who can have a more tendency towards the card such as Brattan, Grant, Retre and the two centrals, yes, it was precisely the players who received yellow in the first leg but have a very simple explanation . Brattan is the man who can go to the court so he has 7 yellow in 15 games, and Retre more of the same, with the march of O’Neil are those who play in midfield and in 16 5 yellow matches. Grant heats up easily, has been on the team for a lifetime and in a derby it is easy to go to more revolutions than indicated and get a yellow one and more having lost in the first leg. And the two centrals think they are going to be exposed a lot, since Sydney will carry the weight of the game and maybe against some they should stop the play and receive a yellow.

The Wanderers also do not have a very high record in the last matches:

J20 vs Adelaide: 1 yellow
J19 vs Jets: zero yellow
J17 vs Mariners: two yellow
J15 vs Perth: zero yellow
J14 vs Wellington: Three Yellow
J13 vs Brisbane: A Yellow

As we see it is not a team that lately receives many cards.

If in Sydney we have some predisposed players, Wanderers was not going to be less. The Macedonian Georgievski, Baccus, the Swiss Schwegler are very conducive to it, more than anything because they are going to be midfield players, they are going to spend much of the game behind the ball and more than one foul they will do.

I think that the revenge of the defeat will be sought in the first leg, where there was already more than one tangana and I believe that with the same referee and with that recovery, there may be cards for both sides.

Last season they met three times:

– Day 2: Sydney 2 cards – Wanderers 3
– Day 8: Wanderers 1 housekeeper, 1 red – Sydney 4 yellow
– Round 25: Wanderers 4 yellow – Sydney 2 yellow

In the last season we would have everything green.

© Andrey

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