Slovakia U21 – Georgia U21 Prediction & Picks (18.11.2019)


Slovakia U21 – Georgia U21 SOCCER PICKS

Match between two teams that are leaving very crazy games with a multitude of goals, the first two places are far away with some France and Switzerland that have won their three games, so speculating is useless, they have to go to an open grave which already They were doing.

Slovakia did not start well, it seems to improve now:

-2-1 in Azerbaijan
-2-4 in Liechtenstein
-3-5 with France at home
-3/3 greens
-5.6 average goals fitting and receiving.

Very striking that he got 2 the weak Liechtenstein, with whom he tied in the 67th minute, and 2 others from Azerbaijan. Then better touching the comeback with France from 1-4 to 3-4 and beaten Belarus in a friendly 3-0 on Thursday, also highlighting a 3-3 in another friendly against Dun. Streda, who is second in the Slovak League after the first day.

Georgia on the other hand very good feelings, lost in the penalty discount in France, and in Switzerland in the 83rd minute. Very good scoring ability, 3 goals in those difficult fields, and scoring in others:

-4-0 to Liechtenstein
-0-3 in Azerbaijan
-2-1 in Switzerland
-3-2 in France
-2/4 greens

Liechtenstein and Azerbaijan the weak of the group did not score but they are very good data, almost 4 goals in average in their matches and 2.5 in their favor, Slovakia at home should be able to score them, France made 3.

Good temperature is expected for these dates with 8 degrees and little wind at the time of the beginning.

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