Real San Andres – Barranquilla Prediction & Picks (25.04.2019)


Real San Andres – Barranquilla SOCCER PICKS

On Thursday, Real Santander hosts Barranquilla at the Erwin O’Neil Football Stadium, in a game valid for the fifth round of the Colombian Cup. The two teams that face here are in Group E and are not having an easy life in the competition. The probability of achieving the qualification is minimal, but still wants to keep fighting. Therefore, it arrives in need of a good result, because a stumbling means elimination. The last time they met, there was a Barranquilla victory by the 1×0 score.

Real Santander:

The situation of Real Santander is quite critical and knows that a elimination is the most likely to happen. However, he will continue to fight and that is why he will give the maximum of himself in the games that are still to be played. Despite playing against a rival with similar interests, he will be behind a good result and knows that he can make it happen. Therefore, if you have a lot of determination within the field you can even add the three points and that would be very good.

Of course the visiting team also wants a positive result and must try to press. Therefore, you must be very careful in the marking, but after that the game must be balanced. From this moment on, Real Santander will be able to find his goal. We know that there are quality players in the team and if the ball works well the opportunities to balance the networks and win increase a lot. In this match the best players that are available will go to the field.


The life of Barranquilla in the competition is not easy and he knows that staying on the road is a natural thing if it happens. However, he does not want that to happen, so he will fight with all his strength to recover, despite being aware of the difficulties. Regularity is the key to good campaigns and that is precisely why he needs a good result, because if he has another setback he will not avoid elimination.

From the beginning of the game the Barranquilla will need to shorten the spaces to the local team, knowing how to make a firm mark and attack at the right moments. Of course it’s not just the attack you have to worry about, but your defense as well. To achieve your goals it is important that you are well organized and do not make mistakes. In short, to win a victory it is necessary to have homogeneity in all sectors of the field, so as not to make mistakes that could harm you. In this match the best players that are available will go to the field.

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