Racing Santander – Zaragoza Prediction & Picks (29.02.2020)


Racing Santander – Zaragoza SOCCER PICKS

I have to cheer up to try this good quota in a match in which the team faces more in the form of the category against the colista and one of the teams that transmits the worst feelings of the category.

For the local part we have Racing that seemed that with the arrival of Oltra they were encouraged after winning in the field of the depressed Almeria, but after falling defeated at home against Sporting in a match in which there was only one team and yesterday against Malaga fall again defeated seems to enter a new crisis, are colist and the urgency is already beginning to be maximum because the others below are winning.

On the visiting side, Zaragoza is an incredible team and the maximum candidate for promotion for me right now, they have not lost a game since December 22 and that in a category as close as the Second Division is a long time. Good caution because this is Second Division, but the moment of one team and another invites you to try it, let’s go for it and good luck!

© Andrey

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