Juventus – Crotone Prediction & Preview and Betting Tips (21.05.2017)


Prediction for Juventus – Crotone

At least 4.5 cards – Asian @ 1.90

We go with this match at Juventus Stadium where Juventus will leave with their eleven in a game in which if they win they will celebrate the title in their stadium. On the other side will be the Crotone that is playing save the category and the one that is to 1 point of the empoli although the hopes are few to leave scoring of this field.

-Juventus received 68 yellow cards. 1,8 yellows per game.
-Crotone received 89 yellow cards. 2.4 yellows per game


Players near to meet card cycle:

-Juventus: Chiellini (4) Dani Alves (4) Corner (4) Rugani (4)
-Crotone: Ceccherini (9) Rohden (4)

In principle it should be a match that dominates Juventus as it did in the encounter of the one and that Crotone simply wait behind trying not to fit goal.

The only one but for which I do not go with more stake is in case a Juventus player gives him to see card to simply fulfill the cycle of cards in the last day although it would be unnecessary since the last day Allegri will probably rotate to 80% of the Team to play the less usual.

Let’s hope there are no complications in the match and that leaves without suffering.


In the first leg:

-Crotone 0-2 Juventus (1 yellow cards)

The match will be Paolo Mazzoleni who has directed 16 games showing 68 yellow and 3 red with an average of 3.5 yellow cards per game. An arbiter we can check is under.

Cagliari 2-2 Roma (4 yellow cards) *
Udinese 2-2 Fiorentina (4 yellow cards) *
Empoli 0-3 Juventus (3 yellow cards) *
Crotone 1-2 Naples (2 yellow and 1 red) *
Sampdoria 1-0 Inter (4 yellow cards) *
Palermo 1-2 Milan (3 yellow cards) *
Genoa 3-1 Juventus (5 yellow cards)
Roma 1-0 Milan (3 yellow cards) *
Inter 3-0 Lazio (4 yellow cards) *
Sassuolo 4-1 Palermo (4 yellow cards) *
Sampdoria 3-2 Roma (5 yellow cards)
Bologna 0-1 Inter (5 yellow cards)
Lazio 3-1 Torino (4 yellow cards) *
Pescara 1-1 Milan (8 yellow cards)
Fiorentina 1-2 Empoli (9 yellow and 1 red)
Lazio 7-3 Sampdoria (1 yellow and 1 red) *

The results with this line: 9 green and 7 red.

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