Sheffield Utd – West Ham PREDICTION (22.11.2020)


Sheffield Utd – West Ham SOCCER PICKS

I already entered Cresswell’s passing over against Fulham and it came out superbly. In this case, the line has gone up 4 passes, but I still see value since I consider that the rival is quite favorable.

Sheffield is the rockiest team in the league alongside Burnley in my opinion. Last year Sheffield relied on defensive strength to win games. He conceded very few goals playing kick and defending very well.
This year they are last with only 1 point out of 24 possible. It is clear that it is a bad start for Chris Wilder’s men but it must also be borne in mind that of those 8 games they have already gotten rid of Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Wolves. Therefore 5 teams that a priori are not direct rivals.
Anyway we can see that they have the same pattern of play since they have only scored 4 goals and conceded 14 in those 8 games. Nor does it seem to me that there are many goals conceded since they have faced what in my opinion are the 3 most powerful teams offensively speaking of the league.

As I say, they are faithful to their style and from 8 games played, in only 1 they have been able to win possession from the rival. Against Wolves in a match they lost 0-2 and it was also the first league game.
Since then they have lost possession in every game. Against the powerful rivals named above it is understandable, but against teams like Fulham or Aston Villa in a match in which their rivals gave 553 and 563 passes respectively with 59 and 72% possession.

Cresswell is Moyes’ favorite defender at West Ham. Right now they play with a defense of 3 center-backs in which Aaaron plays as a left center-back being the center-back who touches the most balls by far since he is one of the players with the best touch on the team. To get an idea, he is the one who takes the corners and fouls and a fact that has impacted me and that I have heard and I do not know if it is entirely true is the following: Cresswell is the Premier player who gives more centers. It would not surprise me since he usually puts many far centers even if he plays central.

His stats are as follows: This year he averages 47.9 passes per game. Has exceeded the line in 4 of 8 games.
There is a bit of a cheat since they have not crossed the line against Manchester City, Liveprool, Leicester and Wolves, who are the Top8 team from the last Premier.
Against Arsenal, Spurs, Fulham and Newcastle he has crossed the line very easy with 61,60,76 and 51 passes respectively.

Last year they played twice against Sheffield. In one of them he played winger and gave 64 passes and in another he played central and gave 63.

So far all the center-backs who have faced Sheffield in the league except for Konsa (from Aston Villa) and Coady and Boly from Wolves have crossed the line.
The Wolves game ended 0-2 and Nuno Espirito Santo’s men were with that maracdor from minute 6, so it can be understood.

For this game I expect an even game. As I said, those from Sheffield base their game on hitting the ball up and defending well, therefore I think they have many opportunities to overcome this line.

Cresswell, except for injury or expulsion, will almost certainly play everything since in case of a tactical change, Moyes would change to any other center-back or to Masuaku to put Cresswell as a side.

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