Leicester – Aston Villa PREDICTION (18.10.2020)


Leicester – Aston Villa SOCCER PICKS

Sunday night Premier League match between Leicester and Aston Villa, both have started the season very well, Leicester third placed with 3 points from 4 games, Aston Villa has surprisingly won all three games they have played, 9 points, and we already know that he comes from beating Liverpool in one of the surprises of the year without a doubt.

I go with a statistical forecast of a player and it will be that Leicester midfielder Nampalys Mendy will give 63 or more passes, it seems to me a line to test it and that is that Leicester is one of the teams that will surely be at the top in As for possession, a comfortable team with the ball, Aston Villa for its part quite the opposite and that is that it has won those three games and now has an average of 47.5%, Leicester in this beginning its average is 55.2 % / match, is the fourth in that statistic.

The Frenchman is counting a lot at the beginning of the season, and for this game Nigerian Ndidi is low, so apart from the fact that he almost forces his ownership, it is positive in the face of fewer options to be changed.

We go with Mendy’s numbers in this Premier start, rivals and passes before each one:

– Vs West Ham: 97 passes.
– Vs Manchester City. 23 passes.
– Vs Burnley: 91 passes.
– Vs West Brom: 72 passes.

I finish with the passes that Aston Villa’s rival midfielders have given in the three games they have played:

– Liverpool: 73 and 57 passes.
– Fulham. 69 and 88 passes.
– Sheffield: 21 and 24 passes (they played with one less player from minute 12).

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