soccer betting strategyDid you know that all the picks we offer at 007SoccerPicks can be used with all sports betting systems that exist today? Well, If you did not know better you know it. Our picks are so versatile they can be applied to virtually any betting model and adapt to all kinds of bankrolls.

The picks we have in 007SoccerPicks offer professional bettors and novices an advantage to adapt to their favorite betting system. No other provider offers this option. We always tell bettors who follow our picks to have a system that will help them to apply our soccer betting picks.

There are many betting systems, but very few guarantee good results. Bettors must be careful when choosing a system to trust their money and bets. In 007SoccerPicks we show everyone the best betting systems to use with our picks.

The main thing you should know before using a betting system is that the systems are not perfect and tend to fail if not understood correctly. We must carefully study the betting systems to choose the right one. The main objective of betting systems is to keep track of a bankroll earnings.

What are the best betting systems?

The best betting systems for use with 007SoccerPicks are:


soccer betting systemsThis method or system is highly recommended for most bettors that want to get started with a betting system. It can be defined as the method of questions and relaxation. The system is to be a series of questions to oneself. These questions are guided to know if the game where we will bet is right according to the answers to each questions. The questions are:

What’s the pick?, What type of bet?, Compare Odds Result?, How much per bet?

With these 4 main questions we can conclude if the pick from 007SoccerPicks experts is best suited to us. The criterion is based on the trust of the answers with the help of mathematics, for example in the odds comparison which will help us choose the bookmaker that represents higher profits with the lowest possible odds. Kelly system proposes to use between 2% and 4% of bankroll per bet depending on the trust per pick.
fixed betting system


This is probably the most widely used method today. It is a simple method that does not require much mathematical calculation to be applied. The rules are easy and anyone can follow them The fixed betting system is applied as follows:

1. Establish an overall amount of money or single unit value.
2. The single unit value should not exceed 4% of bankroll.
3. The same amount of money or single unit is placed on all bets (unchanged)
5. Regardless streak wins the bettor should always bet the same unit value.

A practical example of this system would be the following: We have won 5 straight bets but we do not increase bet amount, all remain equal to the initial value of the unit. $ 100 each bet remains the same the rest of the season, no matter what.

It is a simple method that does not lead to entanglements. You just need to have confidence in 007SoccerPicks and make bets with the same value for each soccer game.

TONY STOFFO (Soccer Version)

Tonny Stoffo system is a method originally applied in professional baseball. This system consists of betting only underdogs all season. It is not a system for rookies, requires statistical analysis to see previous results. The rules of this betting system must be followed exactly as described below:

1. The underdog has not lost 3 straight games as underdog
2. The favorite team has not won 3 straight games as favorite
3. Do not bet on games where the underdog is more than 3.8 in odds
4. Do not bet on games where the favorite team will have all its official lineup

Following these strict rules to bet an underdog we can see profit throughout the season. 007SoccerPicksunderdogs can be used in this system without any problem as long the bettor do the corresponding statistical analysis.

Tony Stoffo indicates that you should bet between 3-4 times a day to make a profit. It is the same system used in baseball but with adaptation to be applied in soccer.


If you like soccer draws this system it is for you. The Fibonacci betting system was invented few years ago hoping to get more profits with draws in soccer. Ties or draws are a type of very lucrative bet for some people but unfortunately do not occur as frequently as many would like.

The fibonacci system is based on place bets on games with odds of 2.6 and gradually increase the bet as follows:
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 (number 2 represents 1 + 1, number 5 Represents 2 + 3, number 8 Represents 5 + 3 and so on ..)

By using fibonacci we must increased bets just to start making profits and ensure more money. It is also possible not only raise the stakes and set an amount for all draws but earnings will be much lower at the end of the season.

1.5 AND 0.5 GOALS
The advantage of using 007SoccerPicks is that our picks can be used for live betting and that is where this method is mostly applied.

If our selection at 007SoccerPicks shows an O/U pick we can use it to place live bets with Total Goals 1.5 or 0.5. This type of betting is very easy to win when we have confidence in a O/U pick. Especially if it recommended by a group of professionals.

The strategy OVER 1.5 picks is as follows:

1. Find the recommended O/U games at 007SoccerPicks
2. Wait 20-30 minutes on the game to take the live bet 1.5 OVER
3. The odds should be higher than 1.4+

The strategy OVER 0.5 picks is as follows:

1. Find the recommended O/U games at 007SoccerPicks
2. Wait 15-25 minutes on the game to take the live bet 0.5 OVER
3. The odds should be higher than 1.3+

It is a system that needs attention. You have to watch the games live that were recommended by 007SoccerPicks. This type of live bet is quite safe and has shown excellent results in the last 10 years. Just use a bookmaker that offers live bets as Bet365, Unibet or Redbet.

Most betting systems mentioned above are recommended to use with our picks. You must be patient and take enough time to analyze the best betting system according to your needs. We always recommend to our bettors find the best system that suits their betting demands.

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