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No Break in the Action

With the World Cup coming to a close and the excitement finally winding down, one would think that the soccer action is finally winding down. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, with the summer transfer window rapidly coming to a close, things are heating up more than ever. So soccer fans are not getting a break in the action.

There is a lot of gossip, rumors, and actual plays being made by the various clubs. With squad changes and shake-ups all over the place, it is hard to keep up with it all, unless you have the right news source that is. That is why we assembled some of the biggest breaking news stories in soccer today.

Galaxy Clinches Victory

In a surprising upset, LAFC lost to Galaxy. With LAFC as a strong favorite, many were not just surprised but a bit disappointed when the club lost to Galaxy. LAFC is currently enjoying a comfortable lead in their league, but it might not last if they keep letting clubs like Galaxy steal a W off of them. For the majority of this game, LAFC had the command of the game and the lead, and it looked like they would finally put the curse of losing to Galaxy behind them.

In the last ten minutes or so of this match however, the old curse began to rear its ugly head again in the form of goals from Roman Alessandrini and Ola Kamara. LAFC just seemed to fall apart in the last portion of the game, which is sad because they had such a solid performance for so long, only to throw it all away at the end.

A Good Bet

In other interesting soccer news, there has been a decrease in regulation on sports betting. In the US for example, a recent ruling from the supreme court made it so that individual states could decide how they choose to regulate sports betting. This has led to a major influx in interest around sports betting as it enters mainstream acceptance.

Thanks to this renewed acceptance, there is a flood of enthusiastic new gamblers. Because there are so many amateur betters in circulation right now, sites that offer betting tips are getting more traffic than ever. Thanks to the new gamblers there is lots of new money too, creating a kind of feeding frenzy that makes profits more likely than ever.

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