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We all know someone who has bet on sports, never won and even lost money. Nobody recommends this kind ofentertainment, which for some has become a full time activity. These people probably have never gained much in these games, they have not adopted the right strategy.

Let’s see how to maximise your chances of winning.

vip betting tips With the emergence of sports betting in recent years, you must have heard or discovered a word referring to a sports betting expert: the tipster. It is a concept that is already well known in the betting world. This expert normally masters a sport or several sports and therefore delivers his predictions via a free or paid subscription. You may ask yourself why would a professional need to sell his predictions?

Well it’s not difficult to understand: the time spent selecting the right match, studying and analysing each event to finally come out to a safe prognosis takes a considerable time! Also, this expert in sports betting must throughly study matches, statistics, injured players, playersʼ performance etc in a professional way in order to remain credible for his customers and help them make the decision on a sports bet.

vip betting tips In addition to saving time, there are people who use the tipsters to make investments, in the same way as the stock market for example. In fact, you have to consider sports betting as a financial investment! Like any investment, the main goal is to make profits. To benefit from the advice of the best experts of the market in their field has a cost! In fact no financial adviser will tell you for free which are the most profitable investments and how to make certain profits.

Likewise, to benefit from a paid subscription means to have access to all the tipster bets and thus to be able to follow them to the letter in order to make profits thanks to sports betting. According to the success of each tipster, your return on investment will obviously not be the same. The parallel with the financial field is striking: you will have risky investments with variable returns, so in the world of sports betting this equates to betting on high odds or the option of investing without risk by betting on small odds with guaranteed returns!

vip tips You need to have a medium and long-term vision and above all to be patient. By making sure to follow a tipster, who will offer you paid tips, you will maximise your chances of profit and thus be part of the bettors who really make money.

Indeed, you are certain to benefit from the expertise of a pro who will do the analysis and study of the matches for you and that is well worth the investment in the pay for his wise advice. See this as a financial investment on your part, you will pay a monthly subscription and at the end of the month you will do the accounts and analyse the evolution of your bankroll thanks to the work of your tipster.

Prices vary according to each tipster. The most expensive is not necessarily the best, and beware of too attractive prices. Also focus on what is achievable and avoid tipsters who offer indecent progressions in no time and promise you big odds, keep in mind that on the internet we must remain cautious as in the day to day life.

Here is a list of useful sites I tested to help you with tips. –

paid soccer predictions

A site that presents tips and detailed stats. Extra Tips is for football lovers only, other sports are not represented here. The site has an area of accumulator tips of the day, which comes in very handy for betting fans. Newcomers to the betting world can find some interesting articles to help them improve their betting strategy. Except for Bet365, no other bookmakers are listed on the home page, yet the site has a link to another site where you get advice on where to bet and where bookmakers are reviewed in detail.

Other links to sites that Extra Tips recommends are on the top of the home page and will take you to LIVESTREAMING, ONLINE CASINOS, LIVESCORES, BONUS CODES. You have the possibility to subscribe to receive free and paid betting tips on your email. I was impressed with ExtraTips, they work hard to deliver the best tips to their customers. In some cases my success rate with them was 90% in sports betting. –

pronosticos vip

This is a Spanish site with a lot of generous statistics on football, tennis, hockey, basketball, and handball. The site offers not only sports tips but also live results, links to live streaming and top bookmakers. For paid tips you will find a VIP section with properly documented history and statistics. To benefit from the generous offer you need to log in and select a payment method for VIP Picks.

The tipster has an interesting offer: if the tip is incorrect you will get your money back or a free replacement tip. Following this tipster you are guaranteed to make money both on in the play and pre-match tips. As in-play tipping occupies more and more of the market and in-play bets are very popular amongst punters, I tested Pronosticos proposed strategy and won £400 in a month. –

vip betting tips

A tipster with graphic impact. The site is well structured and the focus is on soccer. This tipster covers the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League. A link on the front page will take you to an extensive list of football games to be live streamed throughout the month, which is the perfect tool if you are fan of live betting.

The VIP section has a three year VIP Betting Tips Historyso you can check the past scores against the offered tips, which is a proof of this tipsterʼs seriousness, apart from their money back guarantee. Using the recommended stakes for £30per selection I made £92 profit. This may not seem too much but making money from betting takes time. The idea is to stay focused on making money over a longer period. –

soccer paid tips

The site provides football, basketball, and tennis pre-match predictions and tips. You will find a large number of predictions for a variety of leagues, soccer pics, and betting tips. The site provides free soccer tips in Asian handicap especially. Results are regularly updated, which proves they are professional and hard working. If you want to join them and benefit from paid tips, you will get the best tips for only 45 euros in three working days.

Predictions will be available two hours before the start of the game. I would recommend you to give Soccerbettings a follow, they are good at what they do. I was very happy with their recent performance where I made very serious profit (£1000 in a month). Just take a look at their results and see if they suit you. –

paid tips

Soccerpunt offers free and paid soccer predictions. Good content and statistics are offered for many sports. According to this tipsterʼs history, more than 80% winning picks have been offered to the date. To help you choose the bets that suits you best Soccerpunt posted reviews of recommended top bookmakers.

There is a section of testimonials where the clients of Soccerpunt share their experience and thoughts on paid picks. Check out the betting pick of the day, which is the best recommended prediction. I tried their strategy and had a profitable result (£1300 during the test month) However it is more profitable to play over several months.

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