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  • Watford Preferred from Premier League Relegation Picks

    Contrary to what Watford’s controversial owners think, chopping and changing the manager at Vicarage Road isn’t working.

    The Pozzo family’s hire and fire mentality – an easy if nasty habit they got into at Udinese and have found hard to kick at the Hornets – has as yet brought about no improvement in the Premier League.

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  • Betting future­ eSports

    ESports is a modern sport. It implies a competition of several players against each other. There is little in common with the real sport.

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  • How the top two teams look going into this Premier League 2019-20

    English Premier League is already underway and everyone is wondering if this will be yet another Manchester City year or will Liverpool be able to beat them to the title this time around!

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  • World Cup 2018 Predictions

    There was a time, not so long ago, when the white marble-clad concrete palace located inside the Kremlin was home to the congresses of the Soviet Communist Party. Mikhail Gorbachev presided over the 28th and last, in July 1990.

    And it is here, in this very political place erected in the heart of the Russian capital, and not in a sports venue, that the launching of the Football World Cup 2018 was given, Friday, December 1, by the draw of the teams. In Russia, everything goes and everything comes back to power.

    The event, which attracts millions of fans and viewers, will take place in Russia for the first time in its history from June 14 to July 15, 2018, and the ceremony could have no other origin than the “Kremlin”.

    The Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the ceremony and promised to do everything to make the World Cup a great sporting event.

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  • 8 soccer betting mistakes to avoid at any cost

    Betting online is one of the most successful and easy way of wagering on football. Be an expert punter by avoiding some common mistakes. Particularly, because each mistake you make is going to cost you money.

    Save your precious money and predict the best outcomes. Unfortunately, a lot of bettors don’t see a return on their investment but still a lot of them are extremely successful.

    Thus, here are some of the mistakes one needs to avoid:

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  • 5 important things to consider before betting on football

    Sports betting will always have the element of risk. However, you can increase the probability of winning with the help of pre-match research.

    It is very important for a punter to research before placing his bets on any football match. Just like you thoroughly research the company before you invest in it, similarly, you should also research the sporting event you are about to invest in. You could win your first couple of bets without research, however, you won’t win consistently without proper research.

    Before betting on any football fixture, you should consider these following things.

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  • Latest Champions League Odds

    In the aftermath of the rough heavy downfall on last Wednesday night, Liverpool has a long way to go in their second-leg meeting with Barcelona this week. The Reds probably need to implement its previous incredible strategy from the 2005 finals when they literally came back to the living from a 3-0 down at halftime at Milan to the great pleasure of football fanatics around the globe more than 14 years ago.

    Steven Gerrard brought the inspiring hope for Liverpool which resulted in an amazing turnaround, with Liverpool coming back in full glow after being outclassed in the first-half.

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