Osmanlispor VS Zurich BETTING TIPS / 08.12.2016


Betting tips for Osmanlispor VS Zurich

In this group really strange occurrences. Jos is not known who will be the winner of the group, or who’s going to finish last in the group. Zurich has to win this match in order to pass on, therefore they can not feed defeat is not a draw. Osmanlispor can go on one point.

* Zurich is 4-1-0 in last 5 games and have not lost 17 games in a row!
* Zurich is 1-3-1 in the league in Europe now, and Osmanlispora got to 2-1 at home.

* Osmanlispor nobody counted it will go far, the home team is 2-2-1 in the Europa League.
* Osmanlispor is 3-1-1 in last 5 games.

Type = hosts have the advantage of home field, but in this group, nothing is safe. Putting type that both teams will score a goal.

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