Manchester United – Celta Vigo Prediction & Preview and Betting Tips (11.05.2017)


Prediction for Manchester United – Celta Vigo

We classify: Celta de Vigo @ 6.50

I go with one of the crazy bets, which I have not done a lure for a while.

Manchester United

Well as you know I am a fan of Celtic and yesterday at the end of the game I was given to see how much was the quota, it was 7, I said it is complicated, but it is not impossible, of course I see it with finesse, I know, but today I have seen things That make me see that it can leave, although the Bookies have also seen it and have lowered somewhat the quota.

It’s a difficult bet to look at the stake I put, it’s 1, do not do crazy things, but if we see the Celta in this europa league has suffered more in their home matches than outside:

1º I remember of the eighths when we touched the Ukrainians and all gave for eliminating the Celtic, of course there was some luck there but it deserved the pass.

2º Celta has scored in every match away from home of the europa league.

Celtic is going to leave without pressure, now they are eliminated, yesterday he was able the pressure especially in the first part where a rescuer Sergio left the Celt with options, he has made three stops of scandal and in the second he was a Celt better in spite of tie.

Now if we see the united, yesterday made a good match, but this weekend has another match of wear of the premier, the Celta will rotate in Malaga. The manchester has a respect to the Celtic and surely come out to endure the result, knowing that the Celta needs 2 goals to pass, but no matter what they mark as they will continue needing 2 goals, we would only be without extra time.

Celta Vigo

I have seen the matches against the rostov and the anderlech and the manchester suffered a lot, I hope the Celta has that confidence that made him arrive here, even if it goes bad and take 5, if they have that lack of confidence with the arrivals by sisto band, I think that yesterday should face more and look for the band, would surely create more danger. I hope Berizzo realizes that Aspas has to be 9 with a jozabed type hitch that fills him with balls, also sacrificing guidetti and looking for superiority in the middle of the field which is where he lost yesterday with a spectacular ander herrera.

If the Celta plays on the bands with the speed above Aspas I think it can happen, so I hope that revolution with Wass on the other band, there is a lot left for the game and this pick could change, I would not follow it I tell you from True, but my heart makes me do it and I play part of the profits that have given me this team, but as I say weak.

And now I have another reason for weight (look cute, but sometimes also have to make this fun) and is that my informant at UEFA has called me saying that Florentino has put a blank check on the table for the Celta Pass this eliminatory, otherwise on the day of the Galician letters the Celtic will give the league in tray to the Catalans as there is one more important thing to win a European competition and it is to annoy the plans to the white team, we all know it Well that fall and more after the roof, so the tito floren wants to put a cable and give back the favor.

Nothing, I hope you liked it and had fun reading my nonsense, but sometimes we have to laugh a little to see better where to invest our money.

© Andrey

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