Manchester United – Anderlecht Prediction & Preview and Betting Tips (20.04.2017)


Prediction for Manchester United – Anderlecht

Ibrahimovic to score more goals than Pogba @ 2.05

Manchester United

The manchester comes from beating the chelsea leader in the premier 2-0, a result that would never have occurred to me, and in the Europa League (quarters) against anderletch in belgium drew 1-1, the goal of the Belgians would arrive In the final minutes which left bad taste to the united, and the European league is the great advantage of qualifying champions that have mou since despite having won the chelsea continue having very difficult to finish in the top 4.

The prognosis is that ibrahimovic score more goals than pogba, example, ibra scores a goal and pogba does not score, result: Ibra 1 Pogba 0 and green the forecast, another example: ibra score 2 goals and pogba score 1, green the forecast, To fail it pogba would have to score the same goals as zlatan or more, eg, Ibra 0 Pogba 0, we rojeamos the forecast, gives us who wins, we will only need to ibra win the scoring duel to pogba.

Why do I think that ibra will score more goals than pogba? The answer is that pogba is not an attacker, under mourinho is total midfielder so I think he will not even score, he is the player that more chances of goal creates in the premier (53), in the mou system plays as pivot together To herrera, and pogba also said a few days ago that his job is not to score goals, but to give assists, and if he also attends ibra in this match we would come of luxury in this scoring duel, and as paranormal data, pogba is the player of The premier who has been denied more goals at the posts, I think he is also first in europe, the last was against everton in the 1-1 draw in old trafford. (In that match he scored and pogba no, 1 pogba 0, green prognosis).


In this match I see a defeated United to sentence as soon as possible the tie and it is extremely difficult for me to remain unmarked, he is the top scorer of the united with a lot of difference, 28 points among all the competitions prove it and I am convinced that he wants Reach the 30 and you can do it against the anderletch, also we all know his ego, is a player who reproaches the decisions of the players when they do not pass and he (unless already marked) will not pass it to his teammates and When he has not yet scored his egoism comes out and he does not pass it on to his teammates, he does not rule out that he will score a hat trick or doublet that would practically greet the prognosis.
* The last match of the united in old trafford for europa league (eighth round) was against saint ettiene, won the united 3-0 and ibra marked a hat trick so we would have greened the forecast.

Something that I like being a fan of the united is that pogba, mkhitaryan and ander in a clear situation of goal and with ibra next, almost always they are going to happen to him to mark, since pogba is the best partner of ibra, I think I remembered that I gave 6 assists to the Swedish, maybe they are more because it is the data I remember since February.

Possible alignment: Romero, Bailly, Rojo, Darmian, Valencia, Pogba, Herrera, Lingard, Mkhitaryan, Ibrahimovic and Rashford.

Well we go with ibra in this scoring duel, greetings and luck!

© Andrey

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