Tottenham – FK Crvena zvezda Prediction & Picks (22.10.2019)


Tottenham – FK Crvena zvezda SOCCER PICKS

Tottenham :

Pochettino’s team played against Watford last Saturday for a new Premier League date and drew 1-1 after losing 0-1 from the initial stage. These days, he has 12 points in the table, product of 3 wins, 3 draws and 3 falls in total. At the moment it is not having a good time since football, since the team defends badly and is not fine in the definition. As a local for the English tournament has reaped acceptable results to some extent, except for the 0-1 fall to Newcastle. From there, in more, he beat Aston Villa 3-1, thrashed Crystal Palace 4-0 and beat Southampton 2-1.

In the Champions League, he only has 1 point out of 6, after 2-2 against Olympiakos in Greece and falling 2-7 against Bayern Munich at home. He needs to win if he wants to fight for the classification to the 8th final. On this occasion, Tottenham is expected to risk steadily and gradually, trying to exploit the bands to unbalance and attack. The logic indicates that the headlines advance the lines but without losing the balance between the lines. Ideally, they can convert an early goal that serves to handle the rest of the duel with relative peace of mind.

Red Star :

The Serbian cadre is a combative ensemble even when it has no stars. He showed it in the last Champions League and also in this when he reached the group stage after overcoming several previous stages. He currently has 3 units in the general table, after losing 3-0 against Bayern Munich in the Allianz Arena and beating Olympiakos 3-1 at home over the final. In this exit it is expected that Red Star take his precautions from the initial whistle, as he will face an opponent in need of points.

Therefore it is expected that the lines recede from the initial whistle, trying not to leave spaces by the bands and by the center of the field. Logic indicates that the headlines group many men in their own field, trying not to give a bit in the first 25 minutes of play. And we say this because an early goal could affect them emotionally and cause the final result to be another win.

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