Tottenham – CSKA Moscow PREDICTION (07.12.2016)


Prediction for Tottenham – CSKA Moscow

Current table group E
Monaco 11
B.Leverkusen 7pts
Tottenham 4pts
CSKA 3ptsGroup E arrives at their last day and by the way things are feasible a triumph of the English team since despite having little chance of advancing in champions league would also be out of Europa league if you lose the match because CSKA would exceed in points And I can not imagine Tottenham leaving his rival alive for a long time knowing that with a goal is left and the visit of equal to draw or lose by thrashing.
The Russian club is going through a bad football moment and their last 14 encounters only won 3 and until recently just broke a streak of 5 consecutive losses of visitor but was against Arsenal Tula (the last of the Russian Premier League), there are also To add that CSKA still did not win in the champions and the 3 points that has got them based on draws but as I mentioned the Russian team here does not serve a draw and will play them all or nothing in this match to enter The Europa League (or win or lose) but I doubt that the visit is a threat would be for Tottenham because even in his League is not offensive and his players do not even enter the 15 ranking scorers or assistants of the league so I think Who will risk in vain because the English team has better players ahead and scored at any time.

Now talking about Tottenham this one has chances of staying alive in this tournament if he wins by a pair of goals and Leverkusen loses to Monaco so he will try to do his thing and expect Monaco to do the same yet I do not think he will settle for a draw Who would be playing with fire because his opponent will play them sooner or later. In Tottenham Premier League lapsed lately but still just the previous day lost their league undefeated league at home but I think by now we must mention that Tottenham had a schedule with very tough teams lately, let’s see his last 7 rivals:
Liverpool, Leicester, Bayer Leverkusen, Arsenal, West Ham, Monaco and most recent Chelsea, as you will see none of those rivals has the level of CSKA maybe West Ham as much but equally Tottenham beat that team and should not have problems with Russian set
As a last datum we must mention that in the first round Tottenham beat CSKA by 0-1 in the party deputy in Russia and it may be that the quota is not very good but I think it is the safest there is in this day.

© Andrey

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