Real Madrid – Dortmund PREDICTION (07.12.2016)


Prediction for Real Madrid – Dortmund

Let’s go to the last day of the Champions League in the group stage. We have a very important and good game between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund. And let’s make a bet here that I see with confidence according to the situation of the game and me analysis.


Both are classified. Borussia, with 13 points, only need a draw at the Bernabéu against Real, which has 11 points.

In the team of Real Madrid, with a simple victory will be the first of his group. But, the question is: Is it important for Real Madrid to win the group?

Teams from the same country can not face each other in the eighth finals. In this edition of the Champions.

If Real Madrid were second in the group, the ” risk ” of facing a kind of pre-season final against the first placed in one of the four groups, say, is stronger.

However, these four groups, it seems that in two of them there is a Spanish team that will be the first in their group (Barcelona and Atletico Madrid).

So complicated would probably be against Juventus or against the winner of the group that has Arsenal and PSG, are level to points and face this Wednesday too.

The probability is almost 50% to me to see to face Juventus or Arsenal or PSG in eighths. The other possible rivals would be Monaco who have already won Group E, Leicester has already won Group G and Benfica and Napoli who are still going to dispute who will be the first and second in their group.

The truth, it is difficult to imagine that one of these four can bring problems to Real Madrid.

On the other hand, if Real Madrid were first in their group, it would increase the chances of facing a strong and tough team like Bayern Munich and Manchester City, who must remain behind Atletico and Barcelona in their groups. In addition also Arsenal or PSG, poes are also two very strong and competitive teams.

The other three possible rivals would be Porto, Bayer Leverkusen and Naples or Benfica or Besiktas, where these three still fight for the classification.

However, Borussia Dortmund, quendando in 1st of their group will not face Real Madrid or Bayern.

You may face Manchester City as more complicated or other less complicated rivals.

But in the case of Borussia Dortmund be in 2nd place can face Barcelona, ​​Atletico, or Juventus, in short, all very strong teams.

I conclude that for Dortmund, it is much more important to be first in your group than to be the 2nd. And it is much better Real Madrid to be in 2nd than in first.

But, it is difficult to imagine a Real Madrid who will enter the field against Borussia not seek victory. Many may think for being a “GREAT” team has to win.

However, the duel will take place four days after Real Madrid play against Barcelona, ​​in a game that always has a lot of physical and psychological wear.

In addition Real Madrid has some problems with its titular players. Bale and Marcelo came out with problems in the last game.

So to me, playing with the parking brake is a difficult scenario to imagine. But can Zidane resolve not to use all the cast members?

So we do not have all the answers as it will be this great match with two teams that are very strong and with a cast of good quality.

But, to me, Real Madrid does not win this game against Borussia Dortmund and is a result that for both are important for the continuation. I do not think they are going to wear out physically, poes both already have the classification and for me they are satisfied with the first and second positions.

Therefore, we are going with this bet that I see with great confidence for this meeting of two great teams.

Greetings and successes to all …

© Andrey

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