Paris SG – Bayern Munich PREDICTION (23.08.2020)


Paris SG – Bayern Munich SOCCER PICKS

And the forecast itself also puts it in English betfair with the following name: “Neymar to have 2 or more shots on target from outside the penalty area”.

After making a first sweep of forecasts for the Champions League final, this is the one that reverberates the most in my mind at the moment. And it is that logically the large fee influences to see value. How logical with this fee, it is difficult, so I recommend caution.

Yes I go with this forecast, I think it is mainly because Neymar is the majority pitcher of direct free throws in favor of PSG. He throws those in profile for right-handers and for example in the semifinals against Leipzig, we also saw him launch a free profile for left-handers, which the Brazilian crashed into the post.

Logically, you will know that we will need Neymar to sharpen his aim a lot in this final match compared to the matches in the quarter-final and semi-final knockouts. In the quarterfinals against Atalanta Neymar fired a total of 6 shots, 2 of them on target. Atalanta made many fouls and Neymar threw 3-4 direct free kicks with shots that were looking for goal, although only 1 of them found it. He made 1 shot on goal from outside the area and came very close to taking this line.

For his part, I look forward to a Bayern very involved in this game. In the semifinals against Lyon they were seen in the second half more than relaxed with the 2-0 and thinking about the final. I think they will show the motivation they had against Barcelona (the Germans made 22 fouls against the Catalans). And Messi also had his opportunities with direct free kicks.

The skilled Neymar and Mbappe can do a lot of damage from the beginning to the counterattack, to a Bayern that has suffered in this sense and the Germans can incur fouls with which Neymar can dare to look for the goal. Another scenario that I think could be good would be for Bayern to get ahead (favorite for cookies). And in this case the French have to overturn, with possible fouls on the edge of the Germans’ area. Difficulty for the French to break into the area and attempted medium-distance shots from PSG …

I don’t know, I see value in this quota, which I think can be given with 1-2 direct free kicks or with 1-2 plays by Neymar with dribbling looking for the inner zone and ending with a shot on goal. And it is that logically the shots that Neymar can make from outside the area in play also serve us. That could be the style of the first Ocampos the other day, or even in a counter with the rival goalkeeper shrinking enough, like the case of Lukaku’s second the other day.

Complicated but I want to try it since it does not go out of my mind. Being a final there should be a lot of intensity and tension. And on the other hand I hope that the Brazilian can calibrate his point of view.

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Bayern win2.051-312.50BTS / YES1.37

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