Marseille – Manchester City PREDICTION (27.10.2020)


Marseille – Manchester City SOCCER PICKS

Meeting between Marseille and Manchester city at the stadium, Stade Vélodrome. By group c. From the European Champions League. The city comes from beating Porto 3-1 at home. While Marseille has lost 1-0 as a visitor, in a match that the truth could be for either of them, receiving a goal against in the 91st minute.

Argentine striker Darío Benedetto comes from 6 consecutive games without scoring, participating in 515 minutes in the league and 77 in the Champions League. Last year with the French team he participated in 26 games and achieved 11 goals, which translates into 0.42 goals per game. it required 2.5 games to score a goal. (He has 6 unmarked), This streak could be extended up to 3 matches to find the goal, that is to say that currently it is well above the number of unmarked matches so that at any moment a goal from Benedetto could fall.

Knowing that Manchester City looks very strong at the top, showing certain weaknesses when defending, generating certain critical points, which the pipe knows how to take advantage of very well. He is a forward with good scoring instinct but you have to know how to use it and that should be the job of the Marseille coach.
Let’s see if El pipa Benedetto manages to score at least one goal.

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