Manchester City – Tottenham Prediction & Picks (17.04.2019)


Manchester City – Tottenham SOCCER PICKS

I was left with the desire to go in the first leg with this market for this game, and in the end it came out very easy with 8 outsiders in the game.

This time I will not stay with the desire, after the 1-0 achieved by Tottenham in the first leg, Guardiola should go with everything to be able to turn around the tie. While the score is unfavorable for a team I think you can see quite a few games. In the first leg the City made 6 out of the game given the situation of the game, and tomorrow despite the fact that they advance on the scoreboard, they should not relax and be conformed to that hypothetical 1-0 that would lead them to the extension, know that a tottenham’s goal forces him to score 3 goals.

These two teams have left us vibrant games in recent years, and above all were game that is what we are looking for, if we look at their last matches we have such:

Match of the gone as it commented there were 8 outside of game.
This year they also met in the Tottenham stadium with a score of 0-1 for the City and another 8 games, again GREEN.
Last season in the league, his 2 matches ended with 6 and 6 games, again DOBRE VERDE.
If we take a look 2 seasons ago we have that in their 2 matches in the league they settled with 8 and OJO 13 out of play, again DOUBLE GREEN.
3 seasons ago in his 2 matches in league 5 and 8 were game, we would have a null and another GREEN.

In summary: open match given the result of the first leg, statistics very much in our favor, seeing their clashes in past seasons.

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