Liverpool – Barcelona Prediction & Picks (07.05.2019)


Liverpool – Barcelona SOCCER PICKS

We need Liverpool to get at least 7 corners and get to get these 7 corners removed before Barcelona does.

– I will not get too involved, the main reason is the deceptive result of the first leg at Camp Nou, in which Barcelona won 3-0 but where almost everyone agrees that Liverpool played a great game and did not deserve such corrective. In that first leg away from home Liverpool and took 5 corners for 3 that took out of Barcelona.

– We have that Liverpool in Premier is a team used to take from the corner, in Anfield in Premier they have an average of 7.17 own / match corners. And that with the good season that they are doing, logically they win most of the matches easily.

– And little else to say, I trust that Kloop’s players will be as usual and supported by their big fans try again and again throughout the game whatever the result. Provided they do not turn the tortilla too soon clear.

– The Barcelona comes scalding from other seasons in which they have come back similar results, this season Valverde has been able to give rest to all the holders in the last league matches so I trust that they can score a goal at least, that would force the English to score 5. Not that they grant too many corners normally but for example the Madrid in league in the Bernabeu generated them 8 corners.

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