Legia vs Sporting PREVIEW


Preview for Legia vs Sporting

And I’m sorry but I can not resist with this quota @ 4.8 for a bet that would have won in 4 games and another would be zero of the 5 that have been played.

In the double match against Madrid, 3-1 to rest in bernabeu and 1-2 in Warsaw, in a totally atypical match, where madrid broke the game very early with a 0-2 and from there, they disconnected Completely, here we have a green and a null.

Before the borusia of dormuntd 2 clear greens, 0-3 in Warsaw in the debut in the competition and a 5-2 in this last day, where was seen in Germany a very entertaining party with an 8-4 final.

And finally, in the first leg in Portugal, 2-0 in 15 minutes for the sportin and green at rest.

It is true that sporting is worth the draw, but before the most possible match that the legia will propose, in a round-trip match, Lisbon quality should be imposed, so it is more likely to be a very open match, where The legia turned to the attack and left great spaces behind the defense, the Portuguese players are sure to enjoy good chances to score.

Now that they come in and they leave us a good green.

Luck who I trust.

© Russel

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