Legia VS Sporting BETTING TIPS / 07.12.2016


Betting tips for Legia VS Sporting

Stake 2.5

Quota I find very interesting according to the circumstances. In this group there will be a double fight, that of Madrid and Borussia by the first position, and that of Legia and Sporting by the third that would allow them to continue in the Europa League. The Portuguese start with 3 points and the Poles with 1, so the scores are clear, if Legia wins, he will qualify, otherwise he will play Sporting.

Legia is showing up as a cheeky and offensive team. Too much. They have achieved feats like scoring at the Bernabeu, scoring 3 goals for Madrid and drawing in Warsaw, or scoring 4 goals in Germany. Although this at the cost of being the team more thrashing of the competition with a whopping 24 so many. Here as I say, it will only be worth them to win, so I expect them to leave with a very offensive attitude too. We have seen that above have some quality and that from outside the area they are testing it with a lot of marks, meaning that their goal is by no means dismissable.

As for Sporting will be able to do what it likes to counterattack. With that bullet called Gelson Martins, with Bruno César or Bryan Ruiz, with Dost finishing … obviously the both Lisbon also I take for granted, and well, if the Legia turns as much as in past games should drop more goals.

In almost any game scenario I see goals, Legia will come out safely for the victory and leaving spaces, if they go behind more, and if they advance yes they could lock up but we have seen that they do not defend anything well to this level. Maybe the biggest danger could be a 0-2 with which both teams conformed in that way, but even with those we have already seen that the attitude of Legia is still very offensive even as they fall …

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