Legia – Sporting PREDICTION (07.12.2016)


Prediction for Legia – Sporting

Well, we are going with another hot duel for the last day of the group stage of the champions league, where both teams arrive with possibilities of accessing the europo league.

3º sporting 3 points
4º Legia 1 point

So we have to the sporting is worth with the draw or the victory to casificar to the europa league, to the legia only it is worth the victory if it wants to continue playing in europa.

The legia is a team that is surprising this year in the champions, started a bit stiff, perhaps complex in its debut in the champions, surely a dream for the whole club and even for Polish football, so after a difficult debut, thrashed Lost at home to the dormuntd, lost his next game in Lisbon, from then on a radical change in the team, were released and no longer only dedicated to defend, advanced the team and have been adding in attack, so we We find before a match, where the legia leaves open tomb, leaving many spaces behind, where surely the Portuguese team will have many options to score, this we have to add the Polish goals, which have entered a good scorching streak , 4 goals I write to the madrid and other 4 to a dormuntd decaf, still have to put them.

This bet would have been given in 4 of the 5 games played so far.

KP Legia Warsaw 0 – 6 Borussia Dortmund
Sporting Lisbon 2 – 0 KP Legia Warsaw
Real Madrid 5 – 1 KP Legia Warsaw
KP Legia Warsaw 3 – 3 Real Madrid
Borussia Dortmund 8 – 4 KP Legia Warsaw

Also as we see green very convincing, well above the line that asks us this bet, in all the rest would be almost won or some cattle even.

And I think that for this last day should not be different, the legia seek to say goodbye killing and looking for their options, are leaving true highways in their defense, which will surely take advantage of Portuguese players, speed and quality do not lack, you have to remember Who have competed very well in all their matches and only the quality of their rivals, has deprived him of opting for higher quotas, so I think there is still a lot of quality difference between both teams.
If we add to it, that the sporting is also a team that leaves behind the back of his defense, you can see a very open match, where the legia seeks to make his goal against his aficcion and why not, fight for the classification.

Luck who I trust.

© Andrey

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