Juventus – Atl. Madrid Prediction & Picks (26.11.2019)


Juventus – Atl. Madrid SOCCER PICKS

which will be played between Juventus and Atletico Madrid in the Champions League fight, and 26 hours on Tuesday, November 20 evening of Turkey: 00. The giant fight will be played at Allianz Stadium hosted by Juventus.

Juventus :

Juventus won in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo. Juvenuts, who gave away his final exam at Atalanta in the Italian Serie A League, had a great 90 minutes and left the field with a 3-1 win and kept the invincible series. Both Italy Serie A League and Champions League Groups Maurizio Sarri and his students did not see the face of defeat, did not leave the summit in both lanes. Champions League Group D in the first 4 exams separated by 10 points the host, the nearest rival Atletico Madrid’s 3 points on the leadership seat is located. Juventus, who managed to win all the matches in front of his supporter, is a favorite against Atletico Madrid. In the face of his opponent, the first test away Juve, despite passing 2-0 in the last minute goal was demolished and left the field with 1 point. The host will not repeat his mistakes in front of his supporters. Ronaldo survived the injury on Juventus front is expected to catch up to the match. Chiellini, Pjaca, Alex Sandro and Adrien Rabiot seem to be difficult to play in the match.

Atletico Madrid :

Altetico Madrid, who managed to leave the field with only 3 wins in spite of undefeated last 10 weeks of La Liga in Spain, remained behind the peak follow-up with 7 draws. Diego Simeone and his students have a hard time winning the match. Champions League groups within the first 3 weeks 2 wins, 1 draw point guest team, while the last test Leverkusen away while giving away, favorite match was defeated 2-1. The match will be played between Juventus and Atletico Madrid. Atletico Madrid, who had a hard time on the roads, managed to score 22 goals in 18 official matches. Juventus in front of his first match in front of the fans, but the away team away from winning the match, away will be much more difficult. Diego Costa, Stefan Savic and José Giménez are missing at the Atletico Madrid front.

Juventus has succeeded in defeating all of its opponents in front of its supporters and will continue to win in the Champions League.

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