Dortmund – Monaco Prediction & Preview and Betting Tips (11.04.2017)


Prediction for Dortmund – Monaco

Win Borussia Dortmund and both mark @ 2.75

One of the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund and Monaco.
Bet on “Win Borussia Dortmund and both score”.


Dortmund are making a great season in the matches they dispute as a local. In league does not know defeat, having won 10 games and tied 3, leading 32 goals in favor and 7 against. In 2 of the 3 ties was clearly superior, being 0-0 the party the worse of the 3 parties (the other 2 finished 1-1). It is a very solid team at home, with a lot of arrival and strike, as demonstrated in the return against Benfica and as demonstrated before Legia and Real Madrid. In the group stage of Champions, in the 1-0 against Sporting, the party was different due to some relevant absences.
Dortmund as a local did not score in that tie to 0, while only in 6 games (counting Champions) scored only 1 goal (in a total of 16 matches).

For this match the Dortmund should not have relevant casualties. The only question is whether Reus will have minutes and if Kagawa was simply a blow to the game against Bayern. Reus has been injured a great part of the season, reason why is a low with which already I count for this forecast. While Kagawa is not starting all matches in Dortmund. Being a relevant player, it is not usually so important when Dortmund tries to have the ball (in the return against Benfica, match in which Dortmund had to come back, counted with only 18 minutes in the second part). That is to say, despite the possible loss and that Reus will surely not play (I think I could count on minutes in the next league game and not force him to make greater efforts to be able to count on him for the return), I am counting for this Forecast with them and I think it will not change at all whether or not one of the 2 players is available.

Another key part is that Dortmund reserved enough players in the game against Bayern Munich, so for this match players should be at their peak. Monaco also made some rotation but, due to the fact that the league is being played, it did so to a lesser extent, having to make several changes in the second half to ensure the result.

The match is full of goals for the dynamics of both teams. It will be difficult for either of the 2 to go with the goal to 0 taking into account that both teams stand out for their offensive power.
For me the German league is higher level than the French league. Monaco is going to find an environment that is not accustomed and the Dortmund knows to make use of the local factor. Al Benfica gave 2 baths of game in both matches, despite losing the first leg 1-0, and although Benfica obviously is a lower level team than this Monaco, do not forget that Madrid was not able to win None of the 2 matches against Dortmund.

To end. The part of both marks should be the easiest to get, as both teams have a great offensive potential, Monaco will come out knowing the relevance of scoring goal (the Dortmund certainly will mark with certainty) and the part Complicated, to win at the same time the Dortmund, should be determined by the good team that is at home and the great factor field has shown throughout the season. In addition, I think it is an additional factor that Monaco finds an environment different from the one it is used to.

If you do not want to risk, I recommend the “Both Marks” or bet Betfair (Local or Tie and both mark).


Monaco is making a great season. Thanks to a PSG that started badly the season, is in first position and, although Nice and PSG continue to give him war, depend 100% of them to be able to obtain the coveted title of league that has monopolized the PSG. Outside the house is doing well. He has scored 34 points in 16 games (35 goals in favor and 15 against) having lost only 2 games. The defeats were a 3-1 before the Nice (when Nice was in a great form and was leader of the Ligue 1) and 3-1 before Toulouse.

In Champions he won 1 match, 1 draw and lost 1 away from home (3 goals in favor and 5 against). He lost 3-0 in an irrelevant match in the last day (3-0 against Bayer Leverkusen). Monaco was already mathematically first in the group and Leverkusen was mathematically second (it was impossible for any of the two positions to pass to the eighth). The only one that played anything that day was Tottenham against CSKA Moscow (played for 3rd place). It would emphasize that before the Tottenham, being inferior, they managed to win 1-2. However, against CSKA Moscow, having a greater number of occasions, only managed to tie 1-1.

Several factors must be taken into account:
– Dortmund have scored in 15 of 16 home games and won 15 of 19 home matches this season (counting Champions). He gave a lot of war to Real Madrid and was able to beat Bayern Munich 1-0.
-Monaco usually score in most matches away from home and also usually fit goal in almost everyone. Which determines that it is not equipment that shines especially defensively (something that was demonstrated before the City, that with little in the way made 5 goals to him). Away from home he has conceded 15 goals in 16 games in Ligue 1.
– The complicated part, the victory of Dortmund, is reinforced thanks to the local factor that is always so decisive in the German teams. Monaco will encounter a completely different pressure from what can be found away from home in the Ligue 1 league where the stadiums are rarely filled, while in the Bundesliga until the colista is able to fill the stadium. Leverkusen have already suffered enough (Leverkusen are a team coming less this season, which may not end in European posts this season).
– The City with little made 5 to Monaco and, in the return, the City was superior to Monaco during all the second part, but the lack of success finished eliminating to those of Guardiola. All this taking into account the parties so irregular that the City is doing this season.

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