Bayern Munich – Tottenham Prediction & Picks (11.12.2019)


Bayern Munich – Tottenham SOCCER PICKS

Match framed in group B of the group stage of the Champions League which will face Bayern Munich and Tottenham. We need to see 3 goals or more and 3 cards or less.

Group in which only the third place remains to be decided and in which this game has nothing to do, since Red Star and Olympiacos will face each other. Bayern is already 1st with 15 points and Tottenham is 2nd with 10.

Match inconsequential for both in which nothing is played and so I think the intensity will drop a bit. I think Bayern is the well-deserved favorite and can get the full 6 of 6 to increase morale a bit due to the bad season they are doing in Bundesliga since they are in a surprising 7th position after 2 consecutive losses. Therefore, I do not see excessive rotations that greatly reduce the quality of the equipment. Despite this, it has a template to put several eleven of the first level but it can go down a bit with certain players.

Due to the situation of the game I think that both conditions of the pick can occur. As for goals, both are quite offensive. Bayern has surpassed the line in 4 of 5 games of the phase and Tottenham in 5 of 5. Despite the arrival of Mourinho, the team seems to be even more spectacular in its game and in its results surpassing the line in the 5 Portuguese in command matches (2-3, 4-2, 3-2, 2-1 and 5-0). In the first leg between the two we saw a spectacular 2-7 in favor of the Bavarians.

The arrival of Mourinho and the intensity that puts his staff can seem like a handicap for the other part of the bet, the cards. At the moment, it is not having a great impact since it has only received 5 yellow in these 5 matches and in 4 of them we would have less than 5 cards. In this section I am confident with the character of both teams. They are 1st and 3rd that receive fewer cards in Champions with 3 (Bayern) and 6 (Spurs) in what we have in the group stage. Of the 5 days played by both, the line of cards has fallen below in 4 of them. The fact that they play us nothing gives me more confidence for the cards. In the first leg between both teams we saw a great green with up to 9 goals in the match and 3 cards.

The referee will be the Italian Gianluca Rochi with an average of 3.5 cards in this Champions League. He has refereed 2 matches with different results. A green, coincidentally the Spurs match against Olympiacos that despite being equalized (1-1) only drew 2 cards, and a red in a very vibrant match between Chelsea and Ajax (4-4) taking 3 yellow and 2 red

Therefore, I expect a somewhat quieter game because none is played at all but let’s see a good offensive ability of the teams to get the goals and not much intensity of any that brings us closer to that under cards to get this good share.

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