Bayern Munich – Chelsea PREDICTION (08.08.2020)


Bayern Munich – Chelsea SOCCER PICKS

We are going with the return of the final ocatvos of this champions league, we are going with this bayern munich-chelsea and I am going with bayern munich to rest / final since I see it far superior to the german team.

Bayern already won 0-3 in the first leg, a match that was played in February in England, the teams may not have been there as they will be today, but little has changed in these two teams, Bayern is still much superior to this Chelsea , which has been 4th in the premier, yes, very well earned that place for champions this next season, but bayern in England would be in the fight with liverpool or city fighting each championship.

We already saw a few months ago that superiority that I am talking about with that 0-3 and today the difference between both teams can be even somewhat higher, one, a good European team, the other one of the best and a candidate to take this year the champions league.

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