Bayern Munich – Atl. Madrid PREDICTION (21.10.2020)


Bayern Munich – Atl. Madrid SOCCER PICKS

I’m not going to unders, but it seems to me that this special match with a line a little high to my point of view deserves it

I will base my pick above all on Atlético de Madrid. I already know that Bayern is capable of scoring many goals against almost any team, it has already shown it several times and has the potential to do so, but despite the fact that Atleti has not started much well I think he will not have an easy game.

As I said, Atletico has not started the season very well, but it does in terms of goals in favor of our pick. Not counting the 6-1 Vs Granada and I do not count it not because I did not travel, but because it was a very atypical game in which Granada had their heads fully on UEFA matches and the players were not there, leaving many spaces that were not They usually leave free highways for Atlético de Madrid to have a feast, but we all know Atleti and it is not usually like that.

The other 3 games that have been played leave us 2 goals for and 0 against, an average of less than 1 goal per game.
To begin with, Atleti has many difficulties in the face of goal as it has been customary for years with the cholo and if he has not been able to score a goal against Villareal or Huesca, I see it unlikely that he will score Vs Bayern, the bad way, a golito in a counter and thank you.

As much as it is not correct in the face of goal, Atleti competes and these games very well and I think that CHolo is very clear about what his objective is in this game (as in most unfortunately …) defend, defend, defend, no fit in and if possible to make a little goal in a counter .. At no time do I think the game will go crazy even if Atlético fits, that does not go with Cholo and less so in this first Champions League match, therefore, no matter how much Bayern scores soon I do not see a win by the Germans against a well-planted team as I think the colchoneros will be.

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