UEFA Champions League Picks

Champions League Picks, Predictions & Tips

So you have to bet on the UEFA Champions League! Everyone knows this competition! Thanks to its hymn that gives you chills before every game, the Champions League has marked the history of soccer with amazing encounters.

We are certain that this cup, which brings together the European soccer clubs, has many followers worldwide. If you want to bet on the biggest clubs of the world, follow our forecasts, which assure you incredible profits! Here you will also find the best odds on the Champions League football that we follow

Moreover, if you are not sure of your choices, we will guide you all the season to place winning bets, with tips and best odds online.

  • Manchester City – Celtic PREDICTION (06.12.2016)


    Prediction for Manchester City – Celtic

    We go with this match between city and Celtic to close the group stage of group C. In the first leg was a crazy party that the city never managed ...
  • Barcelona VS B. Monchengladbach BETTING TIPS / 06.12.2016


    Betting tips for Barcelona VS B. Monchengladbach

    F.C. Barcelona and Borussia Monchengladbach will face on Tuesday night, in this match of the league of champions, corresponding to the last day.

    Both teams have their goals fulfilled, ...

  • Barcelona vs B. Monchengladbach PREVIEW


    Preview for Barcelona vs B. Monchengladbach

    We are going to the match that will be played next Tuesday at Campo Nou, belonging to the sixth and final day of the group stage of the champions. ...
  • Barcelona – B. Monchengladbach PREDICTION (06.12.2016)


    Prediction for Barcelona – B. Monchengladbach

    We go with this match of champions between barsa and moenchenglach where the barsa already have the first place insured. The confidence in this pick is due to the fact that ...
  • Bayern Munich VS Atletico Madrid BETTING TIPS / 06.12.2016


    Betting tips for Bayern Munich VS Atletico Madrid

    Pronostico stake 3, by the resolution of the Champions group.

    Atl.Madrid travels to Germany with full of victories and the classification like first of mathematical group, a party ...

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