Villarreal – Atl. Madrid Prediction & Picks (06.12.2019)


Villarreal – Atl. Madrid SOCCER PICKS

Very good, in this situation I want to break a spear in favor of the Atletico de Madrid despite coming from receiving a defeat in his feud against Barcelona, ​​it is true that the athlete has not won on the Villareal field since 2015 it has rained a lot from that 0-1, it is a field that Athletic lately has been going through and is not getting good results.

But if we analyze the results of this season we see that the Villareal has only achieved 3 victories at home of the 7 that this season has been leading, sincerely to me the Villarreal leaves me many doubts at home since the first day that tied 4 against the grenade and shot a two-goal rental in 10 min. and I just asked for the time if the match lasts 5 min. but the grenade lifts the game, on other occasions he has started losing and has come back but against supposedly inferior teams and who have failed to aggravate the pressure, which the athlete dominates well.

The athlete on the other hand is one of the best visitors in the category, only one game has failed to score far from his stadium, undoubtedly the athlete is doing well outside with draws and victories, the pity is that they are escaping at home emptaes and parties that you cannot afford to tie or lose. I expect a serious reaction from the athlete on this day as it comes from a run of 5 games played and only one won, I think that the simeone team have a very good team to assault the fief of the Castellón.

Well that’s all, I hope you follow me and give me a positive vote and give me the green one, always be careful that afterwards in the sets of the game everything can be or a very easy match for the athlete for any expulsion or vice versa that is seen the disadvantaged visitor, greetings friends.

© Andrey

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