Valladolid – Girona Prediction & Picks (23.04.2019)


Valladolid – Girona SOCCER PICKS

Well, we are going to forecast one of the most complicated situations of the season for all the teams … The section of descents.

The classification, by the tail, is as follows:

14th Villarreal with 36 pts
15th Celtic with 35 pts
16th Girona with 34 pts
17th Lift with 34 pts
18th Valladolid with 32 pts
19º Rayo Vallecano with 28 pts
20th Huesca with 26 pts

04-23-2019 Real Valladolid vs Girona (fight for permanence vs fight for permanence)
04-27-2019 Atletico Madrid vs Real Valladolid (fight for 2nd place vs fight for permanence)
05-05-2019 Real Valladolid vs Athletic Bilbao (fight for permanence vs fight for Europe)
12-05-2019 Rayo Vallecano vs Real Valladolid (fight for permanence vs struggle for permanence)
19-05-2019 Real Valladolid vs Valencia (fight for permanence vs fight for Europe / Champions)

Well, there are the last 5 games of the season for Valladolid. Seeing the templates of Celta and Villarreal, I will not analyze their situations since I discard (not completely, obviously) their descent. Despite this, as the days go by, I will update the different situations in the comments.

We are, then, with Levante and Girona.
And is that the Levant faces Betis (team in no man’s land, but can access European positions thanks to the 7th place), against Barcelona (team that will rotations to be fresh in Champions), against Rayo ( fight for permanence), against Girona (fight for permanence) and against Atlético de Madrid (surely not play anything the last day).
Girona plays against the one named Valladolid, against Sevilla (fight for Champions), against Getafe (fight for Champions), against Levante (fight for salvation) and against Deportivo Alavés (surely nothing is played on the last day).

Seeing, in addition, the difference of templates between Levante, Girona and Valladolid … I am afraid that it is the Valladolid team that is also defeated in that aspect.

On the part of Huesca and Rayo I think that it is not necessary to analyze them since, in case they were winning their matches, they would cause our forecast to be even more favorable.

In short, without a doubt this game against Girona will mark a turning point in this forecast … But, also, I do not think that Valladolid will win it, which would increase the rent for permanence (in case of a tie they would keep the permanence to 2 points and, in case of victory of the Girona,
the limit of permanence would depend on the result of Levante against Betis).

© Andrey

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